• Go here for a  PDF copy of Real World Economics Guidelines.
  • Please go here for guidelines and examples on Active Reading.
  • Please go here for example of an excellent RWE reflection.
  • Protect Paradise (2:47) youtube animation on palm oil.
  • WWF (4:42)Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Youtube video sustainable palm oil production. (2011)
  • Go here to find U.S. corporations that are Palm Oil friendly. (2014)
  • Go here for NPR report – Krispy Kreme drives deforestation (2014)
  • Go here for NPR report – Progress is being made (2015)
  • Corporate website REA a UK corporation in business of Palm Oil production.

Chart #1

A major goal in this economics course will be to look at economics from a Real World perspective.  Instead of seeing the subject from text only,  it is important that we understand how economics affects us on a local, national,  and onlyhalfofpainternational scale.  In order to insure that this remains a course focus – we will concentrate on two types of Economics presentations.

T – TEACHER Choice – Teacher will choose Economics based news article and provide questions to go with it.  The assignment always includes a portion where students go onto the Internet to search.

S – STUDENT Choice – Teacher will provide you a topic and format for research.  That format is linked above.

  • RWE Assignment – OPTION S (OIL)
  •  When you are assigned an OPTION S – Mr. Wood will provide you the main focus topic; you will locate a news article that fits that criteria. You then follow the OPTION S format in taking apart and evaluating the said article.  Remember the key is to find a good story and  reputable source.  That way you will be interested and doing the assignment will be a whole lot more interesting.  Do a good search; find a solid article.
  • Because this is our first try at an OPTION S – let’s all choose the same article.  We will pretend that the assigned topic was OIL – and that we all just happened to choose the same New York Times story.  Go here for PDF copy of the story.  Go here for online version.  This way we can work together to figure out the best way exactly to write the RWE Option S.  You will notice that this article “A New Global Quandary: Costly Fuel Means Costly Calories” also features a slide show and a multi-media presentation.  That makes this chosen article (which would be your choice) a pretty good one because one – you’ll understand it better, and two – if you present it orally, you’ll have some solid AV stuff to show.


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