Who are you really? A word from Prince EA.

Watch it.  Think about it.  Talk about it.  Blog about it.

Blog – 300 words minimum –  posted to google docs by 11:59 PM

Free write.  And add a rhetorical question.

And a message from our friend Dominique Jesson c/o 2014 now attending WMU…

“Hey Mr. Wood,  I have been taking world religions here at college and while talking about Hinduism this video came up. Now I know that Hinduism and your class have nothing in common, but the message that this guy is talking about is how I felt when I got to cast my first vote. Or how I felt in multiple interviews when I knew what was going in our outside world and was involved. I think this video might get some of your students more interested in themselves and the difference they can make. OR they could totally not care and blow it off. 

Just figured I’d share it because the whole time I watched it I thought about our little first hour class last year. Let me know what you think. (PS it does have some vulgarity).” 

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