Prepping for Chicago

Go here for our itinerary.

So as to better appreciate our Chicago trip on Friday and Saturday, October 16 and 17, you have an assignment due prior to your leaving.  If the assignment is not submitted to Google Classroom by 11:00 AM on Friday, you do not go.  I also need to speak with any traveler not in SCI, as they will also have an assignment if they want to join us.  Those not going on the trip are to do the assignment as well.  Knowing about Chicago is a good thing for all; however your deadline for the assignment is Sunday.

  • Remember – to bring the following with you to Chicago
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • towel and toiletries
  • a teddy bear and or other assorted stuffed animals – limit of five
  • sack lunch for the drive on Friday…we’ll stop at MacDonalds on the way
  • enough money for dinner on Friday night and food on Saturday
  • get together with Yona if you are interested in Saturday morning pancakes
  • $10 for the cost of sleeping at the church
  • and clothes sufficient for highs in mid fifties (12 C) to lows in the upper thirties (5 C).
  • zero percent chance of rain in the forecast. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

The following prompts are meant to prepare you better for our Chicago journey.  Please address the issues in paragraph form.  Separate answers should run at least a couple of paragraphs.   Answers that are cut and paste will not be accepted for credit.  You may work with a partner.  Remember the more that you know about your destination, the more you will enjoy the experience.  As for planning…its always best when traveling to have done your homework, but a great idea to veer off course whenever the spirit moves you.

1 – MAP – always be mindful of where you stand upon this earth…

  • go here for a link for drive Muskegon to Chicago.
  • go here for a link to Chicago subway map.
  • go here for a map of Chicago neighborhoods.
  • go to Google maps and find the address and location of Unity Lutheran Church.  And Ebenezer Lutheran.
  • Written Assignment #1 – Take a look at the maps…the Chicago River connects with Lake Michigan at the center of the city East of Michigan Avenue.  Find Andersonville in relationship with Michigan Ave.  Find Unity Lutheran.  Locate the main road through Andersonville and near Unity Lutheran.  Follow the subway, and the street,  to the location of the church.  Write down all of the specifics.  What Subway line leads to Andersonville?  What subway stop do you get on and off from Andersonville?  What is the direction from city center?  How far and what direction from Milineum Park?  How far and what direction from Wrigley Field?  How far and what direction from Navy Pier?  How far and what direction from O’Hare International Airport?  Find the location of the churches in relationship to the subway line.


2 – REFUGEE ONEVolunteer from 3:00 to 6:00

  • go to the website and nose around.  Watch the video embedded at the beginning of this post.
  • Written Assignment #2 – take a look at volunteering and doing an internship / what do you think it would be like to work with Refugee One.  Reflect on it and pull a photo off of their site as reflective of what you think about the place.  Tell me why you chose the photo that you did.
  • Written Assignment #3 – Take a look at the posted stories.  Take a look at the recent News Letters.  Choose one or the other. Provide the title and reflect on the story or news letter.


3 – THE HEART KNOWS  – Friday 8:00 PM 

  • Go to the website of the Church where the play is being performed.
  • Find the location of the Church on Google Maps.  Note the location in relationship to Unity Lutheran.
  • Go to the website of the organization that is performing the play.
  • Written Assignment #4 –  Reflect on what you find interesting about the church and/or the play and /or the performance.

October is Chicago Artist Month – 165 events are scheduled about town for Saturday October 17.  I am going to “My City, Our City“.  A photo Mash up – its in Lincoln Square and there is a great Thai Restaurant in the neighborhood.  You can join me if you wish…


5 – ART MONTH #1The website

  • Find something cool
  • Read about it.  Find it on the map.
  • Written Assignment #5 – Title the Chicago Artist Month stop.  Post the link.  Tell me how you get there – EXACTLY how you get there.  If its subway – what line and how?   Check the maps.  Tell me what you expect to find and why you want to go.


6 – ART MONTH #2 – The website

  • Find something cool
  • Read about it.  Find it on the map.
  • Written Assignment #6 – Title the Chicago Artist Month stop.  Post the link.  Tell me how you get there – EXACTLY how you get there.  If its subway – what line and how?   Check the maps.  Tell me what you expect to find and why you want to go.  Finally – finish it off with a list of three more A
    rt Month sites that you would like to see – no need to provide details other than the title and the posted link.  

7 – The Chicago Cubs

  • Assignment #7 – The Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908.  They are in this year’s National
    League Playoff finals.  Wrigleyville, the neighborhood where the ballpark is located, is a two mile walk down Clarke from our stay. They will be playing on Saturday a747407630.iconfternoon, away in LA or New York.  Wrigleyville will be hopping either way.  My guess is that you’ll see a lot Cubs fans flying their colors this weekend.  Take a look on line.  Find an article about the Cubs and one about Wrigley Field.  Post the links.  No need to write…just read.


8 – Dodger Dogs to Fenway Franks / 1988 McGraw Hill  / by me926989

  • One More Assignment – I copied Chapter 11 – Wrigley Field – “Baseball Pure and Simple.”  You may pick it up in class on Thursday.  In 1985 I drove to all 26 Major League baseball parks.  I wrote a report card, based on eight categories, for each ballpark.  Every chapter begins with pregame thoughts, which is kind of a storyline that runs through out.  In the Wrigley Field Chapter its about Charley the Peace Corp Peanut Vendor.  Read the chapter.  Identify three things that you found interesting about Wrigley, or about my experience.  A paragraph on each please.

Remember, you do not have to go to the Art Month sites.  Saturday is yours to explore – we just happen to be in Chicago during a pretty cool event.  So, it might be nice to take advantage.

This post must be made to Google Classroom by 11:00 AM Friday if you intend to join us.  

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