Civil Rights Selma 1965 – Mr. Wood’s Repeat Photography 2003

The assignment you are asked to do below will familiarize you with the  events of Selma, Alabama in 1965.

Go here for PDF copy of Mr. Wood’s 2003 tour through the Southern Civil Rights sights.  It provides a story not only of Selma, but other pertinent people and places along the way.  The Selma story however, is significant in that it brings the idea of Repeat Photography to the scene.

As you read you have two written assignments.  One consists of placing the numeral of the repeat photograph onto the map of Selma, Alabama at what you think is the correct location.  Do your best – not every single photograph can be found. I have hard copies of the map in class or go here for a PDF copy of the map.

Secondly, take the assignment of People, Places, Things, and based on the above account, describe the topic in your own words.  Do not merely go to the Internet and research the individual.  If you do so, you will not pass the assignment.  I wrote the above account. It is important for our study of Selma, that you read it.    The best way to show me that you have read it is to talk about these topics within the context of the paper.  That doesn’t mean go to Wikipedia and define the issue.  It means, read the account and then define it through the lens of that specific reading.  Please contact me at if you have questions.




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2 Responses to Civil Rights Selma 1965 – Mr. Wood’s Repeat Photography 2003

  1. becca drummond

    hey mr wood, I was watching a documentary the other day and it was about the gangs bloods and crips. i think i would be interesting if we talked about how segregation kind of led to the formation of the gangs. because in the show is says that there was a group of young black men that wanted to join the boy scouts but the whites wouldnt let them. so the black men created there own group to have there own form of a “boy scouts”…but the white police kept horassing them so after a while it was like they got fed up and then the boy scouts group became a gang. i think i would be interesting to look into it a little more maybe learn how that came into play how bad things got before the civil rights movement?

  2. bobwoodmsu

    I think you are right…sorry it took so long to get back with you. I didn’t see your post. A lot of the gang stuff and the Black Panthers for that matter came to fruition in the North and in the West. Not the South. It’s not like things were all happy and free and equal up here for blacks at the time; the reaction however was more violent. You’re correct its an interesting direction to go. What was the name of the documentary? Do you recall?