An Experiment in Mindfulness

Please post to Google Classroom by 11:59 PM Sunday October 25.

Please read Thich Naht Hahn’s  reflection on washing dishes and the New York Times story about mindful eating.  Each will give you an idea of the experiment that I will ask of you.

For this experiment choose a simple activity; one that requires very little thought.  Maybe brushing your teeth, or ironing a shirt.  You may make your bed or brush your dog; the choice is up to you.  Eating anything is a great subject for this experiment.  Walking or running are workable.  You may choose to be extremely mindful in the midst of conversation with your mother.  She will be shocked.  The activity itself will be the only action that is required of you.  Your grade will be determined on your written summary of the event.

Your experiment should last between ten minutes and a half hour.  As you participate in the event – breathe.  Be mindful of your breath and of the activity that you are involved in.  If your thoughts wander come back to breath.  Come back to mindfulness. Fulfill the requirement of time and effort.  After you have ended your expirement – write a synopsis of the event.  Include and label each of the  following.

  • Identify the time – the place – the date.
  • Pro-louge – What was your chosen activity and why did you choose it.
  • Setting – describe in vivid detail where you are performing (sight, sound, smell).
  • Review the experiment – thoughts, sensations, involved in the actual process.
  • Epi-louge – your post experiment thoughts.  You may choose to positive or negative about the experiment.  I only want you to be detailed in your evaluation.

Title it with the Activity that you chose to do.  Post the document to Google Classroom.  Provide separate subheadings and detailed observations on each of the five subtopics.  Your post should target 400 words.


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