Refugee ONE – Where do we go from here?

  • Me and the Refugees– Assignment 10/29
  • Summary of our follow up discussion of the Refugee One Volunteer Experience
  • Blendspace for our study “World Refugee Crisis – Syria, Latin America, and Beyond”

Learning how to draw elephants



Well done guys.  Very well done.  Your presence was certainly felt at the Refugee ONE program on Friday in Chicago.  The time that you spent with the young people of the program will be remembered.  Your mindfulness, your energy and creativity, as well as the personal attention you provided the kids was notable.  I was proud this weekend to have been an Oakridge Eagle.

If we go no further than Friday, we’ve made a difference.  This is a good thing.


orange is a nice color

The question now before us; do we want to extend this involvement?  And if we do, what direction would it take.  Finally, how much of a commitment are we willing to make.  No mission succeeds without vision, devotion, and organization.  For it to work, that commitment must come from the grassroots level; that’s you all.   And if it is sincere, anything is possible.  So, we need to take our collective class temperature and see where we want to go.   On Thursday we will talk and either seek a further commitment. Or we will not, and move on.  Either is fine by me.

Version 2

elctrons, protons, neutrons

First though, Photos.  I need your photos; all of them please.  Bring them in on a thumb drive or send them to me in a large enough size that I can use to create a poster for the classroom and one for the Refugee ONE Program.  Please do so in the next couple of days.  Secondly, please post your photos to the Facebook sight of Unity Lutheran Church in Chicago.  The Church was kind enough to allow us a $10 stay.  Not bad for Chicago.   They will use your photos to promote the Refugee ONE program.

Two – Your Assignment.  I think that a Google Classroom Reflection assignment is in order.  Please check the Google Classroom link for the specifics.  The assignment is two part and will vary for those of you who took the trip to Chicago and those of you who did not.  For both groups, this assignment counts fifty points and is due posted to Google Classroom by 11:59 PM on Wednesday,  October 21.   Be ready to thoroughly discuss your thoughts during class on Thursday.


From Syria with love


A little indoor soccer

Three – Refugees across the World.  The Refugee issue is certainly a permanent Current Issue – one that affects all of us in this classroom.  America is immersed in an ongoing refugee crisis at our Southern border that is pressing our nation politically, culturally and economically.   In addition we have six European students in this classroom.  And Europe is specifically dealing with a crisis involving Syrian refugees.  On a larger scale considering the allure of first world economies, the USA and Europe, actually all of the developed world, has become an ever increasing target for developing world migration.

So…I intend to begin a unit of study on Refugees, and in particular the Syrian Refugee Crisis.  Stay tuned for this ongoing unit of study.

Again, thank you for a mindful effort on Friday.  I look forward to your further input.  Thanks….



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