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Podcasts for College Funding and YOU

For all things college – go to our website – building a better

This college funding thing is critical.  And knowledge is power.  With that in mind – it is vital that you thoroughly understand each of the terms listed below.  We will  take a Common Assessment that will revolve around each of those terms listed below.  However, more important is that you know exactly what this stuff is all about.  These podcasts will help you acheive these ends.

Also, since this whole college thing is dependent on a team effort between you and your parents, a great way to study for any upcoming test, would be for you and mom and dad to sit down together and listen to each of the following podcasts.  In fact, go here if you’d like an extra credit assignment that you and your folks can discuss together.  Talk about each one.  Make sure that everybody is on the same page.  Use this as a way to begin your college search…

The Basics when it comes to “Paying for College”

Podcasts in blue / Websites in red

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Economics Assignments – Third World Poverty

You have four assignments dealing with the issues of  Poverty and Education, Women, and Micro-financing in the third world.  Go  here for information regarding each of those assignments.  And check the Blendspace below.

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Post for Economics – College Talk

The following are posts for College Talk – that I need in PDF form on a blog in order to link them in PDF form to Schology – so this is in essence just a holding tank for these forms…

January 1,2016 – Link to Part III – Award Letters.pages

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What do you know? / Paying for College Survey / Econ 2016

We will be spending the next month in Economics on an issue that is essential to your future.  What are you going to do when you get out of Oakridge; how will you create valuable human capital and how are you going to pay for it?  Some pretty big challenges await.  Post high school training is a necessity in this highly competitive globalized economy.  You can’t go into this thing blind, and you cannot go into it lazy.  A high school diploma is virtually worthless in today’s society; we need to lay some solid groundwork on what comes next.  And we need to do it with eyes wide open.

Let’s start with this survey.  It’s fully anonymous.  Nobody will know its you; me included.  But the fact that you are honest and detailed in answering the questions should give us a good start on a very very important study.  So…take your time. Check your spelling.  And do your best work. We will thoroughly discuss the responses as a class.

Create your own user feedback survey

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