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Happy Holidays in Chicago


Hey guys…its the holiday season, which means its time for Senior Current Issues (and all the foreign kids) to make the Christmas trek to Chicago.  Every year we do this…and every year we have a great time!  We meet at OHS Parking Lot  (7:00 AM) We carpool (no student drivers) to Michigan City, Indiana.    And then we take the Southshore line train into the Windy City ($9.00 one way).  It drops us smak dab in the middle of town – directly under Millennium Park. We head up the stairs and scatter.  Go where you want.  Have a great time.  Meet back at the train – the return trip will depend on weather and plans.  We will confirm return time prior to going – so parents will know times before we leave.

You must have a permission slip signed and turned into Mr. Wood if you are intending to go on this trip.  I have attached permission slips they must be turned in my Friday December 15.  So far we have two maybe three drivers – that is eleven to seventeen seats.  So we need drivers; you know anybody who wants to go, who wants to drive, we’d love to have them come along.  Please let me know.  First group to fill the spots is Senior Current Issues students.  Second group, non SCI foreign exchange students.  Third group is friends of each.   I will fill seats in first come / first serve order within those specifics.  Get your permission slip in early – I will post on the board in room #112.

  • OUR ITINERARY – Please Share with Parents
  • We leave OHS parking lot  at 7:00 AM EST.  
  • Take the  9:37 AM CST train from Michigan City.  (10:37 EST)
  • Arrive downtown 11:10 AM CST
  • Return trip 6:22 PM CST (Michigan City – 8:12 PM CST) 
  • Back to Muskegon by midnight.
  • Mr Wood’s tele – (616) 402-8668
  • Mr Wood’s email –

We have drivers – 17 available seats (maybe) – We could use more Drivers

  • Mr Wood – School Van – 7 seats
  • Mr. Lohman – 4 seats
  • Maybe Mr. Tindall – 6 seats

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Selma 2015

We leave at 4:00 PM from OHS Parking Lot on Thursday, March 5.  We leave from Chicago O’Hare back to Muskegon on Monday March 9 at 7:52 PM.  Drivers and cell are noted below:  Any questions please contact Mr. Wood.

  • Eating Pizza Thursday night in Chicago – Wicker Park – Dimo’s.
  • Southern Fried Eatin in Birmingham on Friday – at Z’s.
  • We are all gonna get FAT!
  • Bob Wood – (616) 402-8668  & return  (4 driver included)
  • Randall Green – (616) 502-2400 & return (4 driver included)
  • Sheryl Swainston – (231) 343-3226 & return (4 driver included)
  • Rachel Johnson – (231) 638-7104 & return (6 driver included)
  • Chris Wall (231) 750-6232 & return  (McKayla & Davis)  /&  Georja
  • going – Brian Schaub (231) 288-9254 (Tyler, Ivy, Kaitlyn, Dorian)
  • return – Perry Thomas (231) 670-2150 (3 students)
  • return (emergency backup) – Dave Vandervort (231) 638-6989
  • Important – Go here for Final Itinerary for  Civil Rights Tour.  Note – there is a change (as of 3/1/15) on the Chicago hotel for Thursday night.  Please see itinerary.  
  • Go here for student permission form (to & from) Chicago.
  • Go here for student permission form in the state of Alabama.
  • Go here for introductory letter to students and parents.
  • Go here  for estimated trip costs.
  • Go here for mandatory participant guideline form.
  • Go here to create your own promo flyer.
  • Go here to see our Montgomery Alabama hotel

Muskegon Chronicle 2009 Coverage of our trip to Selma, Alabama.

Oakridge juniors and seniors to be – March of 2015 – will have the opportunity to travel to Selma, Montgomery, and Birmingham Alabama to walk in the steps of those who waged the war for freedom in the Civil Rights Movement and participate in the Bridge Crossing Jubilee’s fiftieth anniversary of the events of Selma, Alabama’s Voting Rights March.  This will be our fifth  trip from Oakridge to Alabama.  We hope to meet with Congressman John Lewis, tour the sights of Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma and to participate in the Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

We had 20 travelers on our 2009 trip.  Many of the students recorded a podcast of their experience.   Those mp3s are posted below.  You can also check out the slideshow of photos of that trip.  It will give you an idea of what awaits us down in the southland.  So, mark those dates (first weekend in March) on your 2015 calendar.  The experience will impact you in ways you now don’t even know.

As for you all who went back in 2009 – I look at the names and faces and I see you out there doing great things.  Stay awake!  And continue to influence this planet with your talents and your passion.

Stay tuned – and tune in below.

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Juniors Scheduling for 2014/15 – Thoughts on Senior Current Issues


I know that you’ve begun your planning for your senior schedules.  I just wanted to toss my two cents worth into your decision making process.  I would like us to have a strong Senior Current Issues class next year.   A few things to think about when making your decisions on that schedule…

1 – Try real hard to dual enroll – whatever you do, this is your best choice to insure success down the road.  You earn credits that count towards college graduation.  The Oakridge School District pays for those credits.  And you gain valuable experience in a college setting, consequently you’ll find a more comfortable transition into higher education in the Fall of 2015; that is key to success.  Get into the counseling office ASAP and see what you can do to make that happen.  If you need help with that let me know.

Go here to see  how OHS seniors from c/o 2014 (Survey Monkey Survey) evaluated Senior Current Issues this year.  

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This is sooooooo cool.  Give it a listen.  

A listener-supported commercial free internet only streaming music station which started broadcasting in 1999 out of founder Rusty Hodges basement garage in the Bernal Heights Neighborhood of San Francisco.  It takes its name from the South of Market neighborhood of San Fran and Soma “the perfect pleasure drug” from Brave New World.  Go to wiki to read the rest of the story – it’s pretty cool and the music is absolutely groovy.

Don’t miss –

  • LUSH (sensuous mellow vocals, mostly female, with electronic influence)
  • GROOVE SALAD (a nicely chilled plate of ambient downtempo beats and grooves)
  • SUBURBS OF GOA (desi influenced Asian world beats and beyond)
  • MISSION CONTROL (celebrating NASA and Space explorers everywhere)
  • ps Mission Control has real broadcasts from Apollo Flights

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Civil Rights Study #5 – March on Washington


  • Assignment #5 – March on Washington
  • Read pages 245 to 300.
  • Post Date: Sunday 11:59 PM March 25
  • Eyes on the Prize – 42:00 March on Washington
  • Go here for up-to-date running % totals
  • Go here for examples well done on Assignment #4

I expect a minimum of 300 words for each of the  following three topics in order for you to achieve a grade equaling an A or B.  Please cite page numbers in your answers.   Now that we are moving – and we have a format – if you want extra credit posts must be made prior to deadlines.   As always you are more than welcomed to come to our Senior Current Issues discussion on Monday March 12.  Keep up the good work…

1 – March on Washington 
Behind the scenes the March on Washington in August of 1963 was an enormous undertaking.  A lot of people did a lot of work to make it happen.  And in Washington everybody held their breath that it wouldn’t turn into an absolute mess.  It’s success was of historic proportion.  Why?  What made this thing work so well?  And what were the lasting results?

2 – Hoover, Johnson, and JFK
Politics was over the movement from the beginning; Washington politics and presidential politics.  Kennedy took a long time to convince, and just when things seemed to be moving in a positive direction he was assassinated.  Johnson was a different animal altogether.  And Hoover was bizarre.  Tell me how King’s relationship with the three was unfolding during this time period.

3 – Allies in the Cause –
Throughout the book Oates brings allies of King’s to the forefront.  C.T.Vivian was such a man.  He’s the most intelligent person I’ve ever talked with.  Tell me about Vivian and Hosea Williams, their role in the movement and their relationship with King.


Interesting links to this reading segment…

• National Public Radio’s 40th anniversary of the March.  Many links to listen to and read.    Some interesting insights by people who were there – take a listen. 
• The Day’s program for March on Washington – take a look.  

• A short video from the History Channel on the day…its pretty good. 

• And as always you may go to  Eyes on the Prize, posted above…go to the 42:00 minute mark.

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