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Bridge Crossing Jubilee – Selma 2017

Introduction to Selma – Go here to find the outline of our trip in regard to cost, and daily schedules.  All students who participate on the Selma trip must agree to Selma Participant Guidelines which may be found here.  As of 1/12/17 – There is a significant alteration in the Participant Guideline Form in regard to Academic Standing.  Please read it. If you intend to participate on the Selma Trip you must download, copy, sign (parent and student) and return before airline tickets are finalized.

  • Dates and Links 
  • Travel – Thursday March 2 thru Monday March 6.
  • November 30 – $50 deposit is due.
  • January 13 – $213 airfare balance is due.
  • January 23 – Submit final names and birthdates to UAL.
  • February 2 – Final Bill – $560.  Total includes all transport (Ground and Air).  Hotel, museum, churches and Selma Street Fair.  Gasoline reimbursement for drivers to and from Chicago is included in final total
  • February 21 @ 6:00 PM – Mandatory student / parent meeting.  Balance due.
  • Thursday 4:00 PM – Leave for Chicago – OHS Parking lot.
  • Flight – Chicago to Birmingham RT – United Airlines
  • Chicago Hotel for Thursday night March 2 – Radisson Hotel
  • Montgomery, AL  Hotel for March 3, 4, 5 – Fairfield Inn
  • Friday noon – soul food lunch at Mrs. B’s – Birmingham, AL
  • Friday 3:00 PM  Sixteenth Street Baptist Church – Birmingham, AL
  • Friday 4:00 PM  Birmingham Civil Rights Institute – Birmingham, AL
  • Saturday & Sunday all day  – Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee
  • Saturday 11:00 AM – Dexter Memorial Church – Montgomery, AL
  • Monday 10:00 AM – Rosa Parks Museum Montgomery, AL
  • Final Selma Traveler List (24 travelers)
  • Krissy Civil Rights memorial in Montgomery
  • Derek Carr
  • Maria Contreras
  • James Day
  • Madison Dutton
  • Ethan Epplett
  • Teresa Hall
  • Aubrie Higley
  • Catherine Jenkins
  • Sam Kirschner
  • Casandra Loera
  • Kennedy Mapes
  • Mariah Messer
  • Tyler Morey
  • Kaley Pascavis
  • Anthony Schaub
  • Courtney Shalifoe
  • Taylor Veen
  • Sarah Williamson
  • Holly Wydeck
  • Mr. Wood – chaperone
  • Mr Troutman – chaperone
  • Mrs. Dutton – chaperone
  • Mrs. Carlson – chaperone

600-00934578 © Ed Gifford Model Release: No Property Release: No No Property Release Edmund Pettus Bridge, Selma, Alabama, USAat Brown ChappelBloody SundayDSC00293.JPG
JL at Kelly IngramDSC00015.JPGDSC00032.JPGon the BridgeDSC00029.JPGWalking the Bridge 2Walking the Bridge

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2016/17 Government Final Exam Review

Podcasts for Bill of Rights Declaration of Independence and 14th Amendment.

The Final for Government will take place during the regular Exam period – third period on Thursday and sixth period on Friday.  The exam will consist of multiple choice and short essay.  The Multiple choice questions will constitute 50% of the grade and cover the Bill of Rights and 13, 14, 15 amendments and the issues that shape those amendments.  Short essays (five of seven) will focus on the Declaration of Independence, however may draw from a couple of questions on the amendments.  Each of the multiple choice questions will be character limited.  To study for the final review each of the podcasts posted below.

1 – Declaration of Independence (1776)

Below are audio podcasts to help you better understand the Declaration of Independence.  Each is between two and four minutes long.   The Declaration document (and subsequent podcasts) are broken into an Introduction – seven individual stanza’s – and a Conclusion.  The layout corresponds with the required memorization of the Declaration.  Please go here to find the color coded copy of the document.

2 – Bill of Rights (1791)

Below are audio podcasts to help you better understand the each of the civil liberties protected in the Bill of Rights.  Each is between two and four minutes long. Please go here to find a copy of the Bill of Rights.

  1. Religion, Speech, Press, Petititon, Assembly
  2. A Right to Bear Arms
  3. Quartering of Soldiers
  4. Search & Siezure
  5. Due Process Rights
  6. Criminal Procedings
  7. Civil Cases
  8. Bail and Punishment
  9. All Other Rights
  10. States Rights

3  – 14th Amendment to the Constitution (1865)

Below are audio podcasts to help you better understand the 14th Amendment and the historical context in which it was added to the Constitution.  Each is between two and four minutes long.  Please go here to find a copy of Amendment 14.  You are responsible for Section #1 only.


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Podcasts for College Funding and YOU

For all things college – go to our website – building a better

This college funding thing is critical.  And knowledge is power.  With that in mind – it is vital that you thoroughly understand each of the terms listed below.  We will  take a Common Assessment that will revolve around each of those terms listed below.  However, more important is that you know exactly what this stuff is all about.  These podcasts will help you acheive these ends.

Also, since this whole college thing is dependent on a team effort between you and your parents, a great way to study for any upcoming test, would be for you and mom and dad to sit down together and listen to each of the following podcasts.  In fact, go here if you’d like an extra credit assignment that you and your folks can discuss together.  Talk about each one.  Make sure that everybody is on the same page.  Use this as a way to begin your college search…

The Basics when it comes to “Paying for College”

Podcasts in blue / Websites in red

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SCI Final Exam – Semester 1 – 2017

Each Portion of this Exam counts 100 points.  Your CA counts 20% of your final semester grade.

Twitter – 139 characters.  Facebook – a post and a like and a share.  Fake news blogs that pose aswritingXimgX1 journalism . Snapchat and Instagram – pop, pop, pop; we don’t read; we view; we don’t have time to think?  And if we did, would we even know a site worth landing on?   For this exam you’ll have to make time and you’ll have to use your brain.  Our 2016 Semester One Final Exam will encourage you to reflect on the best of American Journalism.  I have selected stories taken from the The Sidneys,  The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and other reputable sources over the past four years.  You are required to read, reflect, and write on two of your choosing.   One if it is an XL story.  

These essays are examples of some of the best journalism in the United States.  Enjoy. Continue reading

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