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Podcasts for College Funding and YOU

For all things college – go to our website – building a better world.net.

This college funding thing is critical.  And knowledge is power.  With that in mind – it is vital that you thoroughly understand each of the terms listed below.  We will  take a Common Assessment that will revolve around each of those terms listed below.  However, more important is that you know exactly what this stuff is all about.  These podcasts will help you acheive these ends.

Also, since this whole college thing is dependent on a team effort between you and your parents, a great way to study for any upcoming test, would be for you and mom and dad to sit down together and listen to each of the following podcasts.  In fact, go here if you’d like an extra credit assignment that you and your folks can discuss together.  Talk about each one.  Make sure that everybody is on the same page.  Use this as a way to begin your college search…

The Basics when it comes to “Paying for College”

Podcasts in blue / Websites in red

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Economics Assignments – Third World Poverty

You have four assignments dealing with the issues of  Poverty and Education, Women, and Micro-financing in the third world.  Go  here for information regarding each of those assignments.  And check the Blendspace below.

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HONOR ROLL – Economics CA#1

Congratulations to the following students who earned an “A” in Economics CA #1 in MP#1 Fall 2015.
  • The A’s
  • 97% – Ethan Epplett
  • 96% – Jarrett Fatseas
  • 96% – Nathan Hiadki
  • 94% – Damien Herrera
  • 94% – Madison Dutton
  • 93% – Brooklyn Jessen
  • 92% – Justyce Clark
  • 92% – Joseph Walker
  • 91% – Kyle Knight
  • 90% – Samantha Kirschner

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ECON Final Exam Review 2015

The Final Exam will consist of two parts.  Part 1 – Economic Terms will be Multiple Choice.  Part II – College Terms will be short answer.   For Part 1 – Terms and Principles I went through and limited the exam to the titles of the podcasts in question.  If you go back and listen to all of these podcasts and are prepared, you’ll do fine on the exam.  

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College Talk #1 – To Go or Not

For all things college – go to our website – building a better world.net.  Please check Google Classroom Economics Assignments for informative podcasts and extra credit opportunities.   Go here to find Google Classroom Reflection Blendspace features.


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