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Active Reading and Reflective Writing

The key to effective discourse, written or oral,  is the depth that you bring to the table.  Passion is good; it inspires you to explore those things that truly interest you.  But if you don’t know what you’re talking about, it isn’t long before you become just another boor.  So do your homework; learn your issues.  Order yourself intellectually, before entering into discussion. Continue reading

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Happy Holidays in Chicago


You must contact Mr. Wood if you are intending to go on this trip.  If you do not contact ME – then you cannot go.  I will fill seats in first come / first serve order.  And we are inviting past Senior Current Issues students to join us…so the seats will fill up fast!  Don’t be left standing parking lot waving good bye to us 🙂

I will link this to Facebook – and Schoology – and now its up to you all…to get organized.

  • We leave OHS parking lot  at 6:30 AM EST.  Be there at 6:15.
  • Take the  8:37 AM CST train from Michigan City.  (9:37 EST)
  • Arrive downtown 10:28 AM CST
  • Return trip 7:10 PM CST (Michigan City – 9:04 PM CST) 
  • Back to Muskegon by midnight.
  • Mr Wood’s tele – (616) 402-8668
  • Mr Wood’s email – bobwoodmsu@gmail.com
  • Michigan-City-directions
  • Weather updates from Chicago
  • Permission Slip..you do not need to redo this if you did one for Saturday. 

A Change in plans for Travelers.... Merry Christmas to the skippers…you can come with us if you’d like to.   You are however at the tail end of the list if we do not have enough drivers.  Don’t tell anybody it will ruin my reputation as Ebenezer Scrooge

Please go here for a letter regarding the Oakridge skip day of November 28 and our Holiday Trip to Chicago.

What I will need – is EVERYBODY who is going And that means those of you who said that you were in for Saturday – must email me.  And confirm that you are going – even if you did so for Saturday 17th.  If you did not confirm prior you must do so now – but you can still go – plans have changed.  The key here is communication – I need to know exactly how many travelers we will have before we show up at the school on Thursday morning.  So, get organized.  Talk to your buddies.  Get back with me at bobwoodmsu@gmail.com or call at 616-402-8668 to confirm.  

Hey guys…its the holiday season, which means its time for Senior Current Issues (and all the foreign kids) to make the Christmas trek to Chicago.  Every year we do this…and every year we have a great time!  We meet in Grand Haven (8:00 AM.)  We carpool (no student drivers) to Michigan City, Indiana.    And then we take the Southshore line train into the Windy City ($8.50 one way).  It drops us smak dab in the middle of town – directly under Millennium Park. We head up the stairs and scatter.  Go where you want.  Have a great time.  Meet back at the train – the return trip will depend on weather and plans.  We will confirm return time prior to going – so parents will know times before we leave.

We have drivers – 22 available seats

  • Mr Wood – School Van – 7 seats
  • Mr. Frechen – School Van – 7 seats
  • Mr. Lohman – 4 seats
  • Mr. Taylor – 4 seats

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Meditation – Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

…a study of meditation and mindfulness

The mission of this study is to introduce you to the concept of mindfulness and the practice of meditation.  By using a multitude of sources to explore meditation it is my hope that you realize the potential that these skills can bring to improve the quality of your life.  We will use Joan Borysenko’s Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, as a base study on how to meditate.  We will listen to NPR podcasts that teach you meditate, and podcasts that explore the practical implications of mindfulness.

At the end of this study I hope that I’ve sufficiently introduced you to the miracle of mindfulness.

Go here for a podcast of a pleasant 5:00 guided meditation.

Go here to access a series of meditation podcasts from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Assignments (50 pts each) and due dates for Meditation study: 

  • Minding the Body, Mending the Mind – selection
  • Assignment #– Borysenko  (due date  TBA-  )
  • Time Magazine – “Just say Om” / copylink
  • Assignment #2 – Time Magazine  (due date – hard copy – TBA
  • New York Times – “Walking Towards Mindfulness” /copy – link
  • New York Times – “Mindful Eating as food for thought” /copylink 
  • NPR Podcast Be Here Now; Meditation for Body and Brain
  • NPR Podcast– Thru Meditation Veterans relearn compassion
  • Thich Nhat Hahn – wikipedia / facebook
  • Washing DishesThe Miracle of Mindfulness Thich Naht Hahn
  • Google Docs assignment – Be Mindful (due date TBA)
A final post  from Brown University that explains more about mindfulness …no assignment – just the possibility of a deeper understanding.  Take a look – see what you think.  And – Simply Being,  a highly recommended phone App for meditation.

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Born Into Brothels


  • Please go here to find the entire movie on you Tube.
  • Please go here for interesting podcast on the movie from NPR.

Born Into Brothels is a documentary about the inspiring non-profit foundation Kids With Cameras, which teaches photography skills to children in marginalized communities. In 1998, New York-based photographer Zana Briski started photographing prostitutes in the red-light district of Calcutta. She eventually developed a relationship with their children, who were fascinated by her equipment. After several years of learning in workshops with Briski, the kids created their own photographs with point-and-shoot 35 mm cameras. Their images capture the intimacy and color of everyday life in the overpopulated sections of Calcutta. Proceeds from the sale of the children’s photographs go to fund their future education.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT – is simple.  Think about the movie.  Think about your life.  Think about their lives.  350 word minimum.  Free write.  Your prompt – I was not born in a brothel.  Due posted to google classroom by 11:59 PM Monday, September 27.



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Exploring Africa – an introduction on gapminder.org

OK guys…we will finish the year by looking closely  at the continent of Africa.  You may choose a partner if you wish.  I need you to concentrate on a single African nation.  Make sure of both decisions.   The individual who you connect with will have a large baring on your Marking Period #4 grade.  Make sure that you fully appreciate his or her work ethic (or lack of one).  Secondly, you need to invest in a single African state.  You’ll learn about the others, however I expect that your relationship with this home state will be intimate.  Make each of these choices wisely.  I’d to have your decisions finalized by Monday. Continue reading

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