Uganda / Rwanda 2015

Angelina Mosher (OHS c/o 2009 – MSU c/o 2013) and I spent three weeks this summer backpacking in Uganda and Rwanda. In IMG_3208 - Version 2the process we learned a lot about the world.  Along the way we took photos and movies with the idea of educating Oakridge students to the realities of life in East Africa.  I’ve also written several reviews for Trip Advisor that will base my blog posts.   I hope to use these reviews, photos, and movies, to introduce you to some of the people and places that we were fortunate enough to know.  So, please join us on this journey.  We hope that you learn as much as we have.




street avocados in Kigali

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  1. When you talk about Africa, Bob, remember that word is just a geographical appellation. Use specific locations when you write and talk to your students. This was driven home to me again by reading The Shadow of the Sun.

  2. This is as awesome as you are. Thank you for sharing

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