Robert Lee Wood – 6/12/31 to 1/26/18

My dad died on January 26 of this year. He was born Robert Lee Wood June 12, 1931. He was good man. He was honest. He was humble. Nobody I’ve ever known valued hard work as honorably as my father. He touched a lot of people.
He was a helluva a baseball coach and he loved dogs.
On Saturday April 14 from 3:00 to 6:00 PM – at Theo and Stacy’s on Portage Street in Kalamazoo – food and drink and the Ray Anthony Orchestra – we will celebrate my dad’s life.
If you have the opportunity please stop by and say “Hello.”

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Podcast Review Government Exam – “The Amendments”

The Final Exam for Government (2019) will consist of Interpretation of the Bill of Rights, as well as Amendments 13, 14, 15, 19, 26. The exam will be conducted on Schoology.

In regard to the first ten amendments, you will be expected to identify the civil liberty protected, followed by an explanation of that protection. This is what we’ve been doing in class. In regards to the remaining five amendments, identify in paragraph form “in your own words” the purpose of the amendment, protections afforded and reason for its passage.

Please go here to access podcasts summarizing each of the Constitutional Amendments required on the Final Exam.

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2019 Final Exam – Economics

You have an option of two separate exams / two reviews for our Final. This website will take you to each of those options for review. You will receive three minutes (on the clock) in class at the start of the Exam to preview each Exam and make a choice as to which you will choose to take for your Final. Once you make your choice and begin – you will not be able to change your mind.

Option #1 – College Award Letter – Short Essay. I will provide you an actual Financial Aid Award letter – similar to those (Anthony Schaub and Emily Brenteno) that we have been evaluating in class. Your exam will ask you to do the same via Chromebook / without notes. Please go here for specifics.

Option #2 – Cumulative Multiple Choice and Short Essay. Drawing off of our first Common Assessment on an Introduction to Economics and adding terms reviewed during “Building Human Capital” series in regards to College Award Letters and Trades, your exam will mix multiple choice and short essay. This exam will be available via Schoology. Please go here for specifics.

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Option #2 – Cumulative

Should you choose this option for your Economics Final – you must go back and review our first Marking Period terms as well as the “Building Human Capital” unit terms. Your exam will consist of two parts – multiple choice questions that deal specifically with Unit One – Intro to Economics and short answer essays – that cover both the Intro Unit and our “Building Human Capital” Unit.

In order to provide you choices – the short essay portion of the exam will offer options. You will not need to explain all of the questions posed. However, you must be knowledgeable with each of the terms that are linked in the box below. Listen to the podcasts. Review the terms. Be prepared.

Please go here for Podcasts to review for the Final Exam – Option #2 / Cumulative.

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Option #1 – College Award Letter

We’ve worked hard to define and interpret College Award Letters, not in an effort to force you into the collegiate door, but to help you survive the exit should you take that route. You’ve analyzed at least two award letters on your own. For this exam, you will do the same with a separate award letter. You will not be allowed to use notes.

I have linked the podcasts that breakdown the separate parts of the college financial award package for your review If you choose to write on this portion of the exam – you must know the specifics (interest rates, terms, definitions) of each of the separate components. Review the podcasts and on Exam day be prepared to analyze a separate Financial Award Letter.

However, the very best way to prepare for this Exam is to continue to breakdown the various financial aid packages that we’ve looked at in class.

Please go here for Podcast Review for the Final Exam Option #1 – College Award Letter.

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Economics Podcast Review for Final Exam (2019)

The most effective way to review for the Final Exam in Economics is to thoroughly review the podcasts linked below. These podcasts will serve as the basis for the multiple choice section as well as the short essay portion of the Exam. So put on your headphones, pull up a chair, and listen. Take notes. And listen again. You do that and your should be prepared.

Terms in blue have been podcasted. Merely go to the term and you will find the podcast in MP3 format.


1/ 1  Scarcity and Factors of Production

1-2 – Opportunity Cost

CHAPTER 2/1 – ECONOMIC SYSTEMS2-1 Answering the Three Economic Questions


Centrally Planned Economy

Mixed Economy

Chapter – Building Human Capital

You will notice that I have not linked all of the podcasts that we worked through on college funding.  You are only responsible for those that are linked. In addition podcasts may quote incorrect % rates – correct rates are updated in bold … .R

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