Thanks to all of you who provided the ideas which I will now employ to re-write our Grading Guidelines for Blogging. These update guidelines can be found on the Pages – X Guidelines for Blogging located on this homepage. They will be updated by Monday February 25. I will note where the idea for the particular guideline came from…for all of you who donated ideas and time to this endeavor you will receive extra credit blog bonus points.

OK so here we go:

#1 – 20 pt blog – (B Fogle) Since the blogs are going to be a big part of our study, twenty points as opposed to ten makes more sense. This also allows us to add to the amount of extra credit awarded for random blogging.

#2 – Three strikes you’re out (H Rice, G Eely, K Short, A Burrington – everybody really) – We don’t do things perfectly all of the time. OK I can live with that if you are making a good effort in the body of the blog. But you do have a responsibility to proof and take your time. So, we’ve got a compromise. Since I’m a baseball fan, a three strike rule works for me. However you will pay for the spelling mistakes. 5 points off of your blog score for #1. 5 more points off for #2. A Zero final grade and a deletion of the post, with the third. Obviously if you’ve written a two sentence blog and you’ve got two spelling mistakes – that will take a toll on your assignment grade as well.

#3 – What constitutes a mistake (N Hansen has said that if you use the Firefox Server a spell check is available in the blog)

  1. spelling that should be picked up by a spellcheck – is a mistake
  2. grammar mistakes – not commonly used slang words, but just lazy overlooked writing – are mistakes
  3. apostrophes, capital letters, and names – If you check it, you can catch em.

#4 – My idea (from a problem of K Short’s & A Cruz’s )- Ten minute repost Here’s a new option for you…I can constantly update my postings. When I go back and look sometimes I catch things I missed the first time around. If you make a post and then look at it online and see mistakes you don’t have that option. Until now. You may repost an updated version of the same post with corrections within ten minutes of your original posting. Remember these blogs are timed so take a quick look at your posting. All you have to do is begin the new posting with the title REPOST. I will delete the previous post and use the second for a grade. This should help out with grammar and spelling problems. Special note: If you do not begin your repost with the label – REPOST – I will not count it. So make sure to do so.

#5 – Extra Credit – me With assignments at twenty points…I’ll be able to award one to four points for extra credit posts. That’s a nice bump and an improvement from one point only.

#6 – Absences for Blog assignments (me) – It is your responsibility to take care of back work. So when you return from an absence, assuming that your absence is excused, it will be totally up to you to take care of the blog assignment. Your assignment will be the same as the original. It will be posted at the same sight. However in order for you to receive any credit you must begin with blog with the following; ABSENT (date) MAKE UP ASSIGNMENT. If you don’t do that I will assume your entry is late and you will receive zero credit.

#7 – Grading (me) – stays the same but doubles. Extra credit blog points will be added on each marking period at the end of the marking period to the Blog totals.

If anybody has any thoughts to add to these new guidelines, please leave them here. Otherwise the new rules will be added to the Blogging Guidelines site by Monday Morning.

Again thank you to the following individuals (A Burrington, K, Short, H Rice, B Fogle, B Weiss, S Weaver, G Eely, N Hanson, M Driscoll) for your input. You all have received five points extra credit in your blog totals.


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  1. Savannah Weaver

    This is great! I really like the labling of the absent, or repost ideas. This is all organized. Nice job!

  2. Jamie Busman 2nd and 4th

    I like this idea.

  3. Stephanie Crain

    I really like the repost idea because I always look at the comment after I post it and that is when I find all of my mistakes!


  4. Sarah LaRue

    Really, thanks for giving us the 10 minute deal. That will be a real help, seen as how I had 2 mistakes in my last blog post. I did not even see them!!