One Person / One Vote – by Corey Swanson

Super Duper Club Fight Song

One person, one vote they always tell me,
Not so true, I think.

“Come along and join our democracy,”
I don’t know what to think.

They always tell me we’re so equal,
I’d like to think that’s true.

The safety valve’s open wide now,
Pouring money into the bank.

I guess I see what it takes to make a rich man
I guess I’ll never make it down that road, man.

10,000 votes now, that aint so fair,
Give me my rights back, give me my share.
I’ll take clean water, I’ll take clean air,
I’ll take clean conscious, I’ll meet you there.

Come on and join my cry now,
We’ll break down the wall.

Who cares about the vote, man?
Come and join my call.

There should be no lines between us,
Go and cross them all.

It’s a free country for free minds,
Let us join in song.

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  1. Amber Lamkin

    Corey YOU ROCK! The song is great and I am glad that we finally have a fight song. GO COREY!