Welcome to Senior Current Issues

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

This course provides a three fold concentration for graduating seniors. #1 we survey cultures, societies, and geographical regions of the world. Students will learn the political geography of all global regions. We look at others (particularly Africa and Middle East) more in-depth. In semester #1 students will be responsible for a detailed study of the continent of Africa. They will research the history of one African nation, follow it in regards to the current news of the day, and take on specific assignments and oral presentation responsibilities. Student presentations will serve as the basis for a Semester Common Assessment. In semester #2 students will apply the same format to nations of the Middle East and Central Asia.

A second focus of the course will be to look at current domestic and international events in the news. Since these events are by their very nature “Current Issues” we have the luxury in this course to select events that are current, and consequently not known until their arrival upon the scene. Some, because of their significance will be planned for study in advance. For the Fall of 2008 the United States Presidential Election will be the primary focus. We will supplement our Part I Global Study and Part II Current Events study, with independent film, documentaries, and assigned readings to help students better appreciate the diversity of world cultures and immediacy of current events in the USA. Senior Current Issues will also have available weekly copies of Time Magazine – for your pleasure and for periodic assignment.

Finally, in Part III, students will be asked to look at their life after high school. Guided by the State Career and Employability Skills Content Standards and Benchmarks, students will lay out short and long-term goals and create plans at how to achieve them. They will take skills and interests tests. They must go on the job and interview people in their chosen field. They will write out five and ten year plans. They will be encouraged to take on the twin problems of college selection and college funding, and be provided guidance and class time for each.

By looking within and setting short and long term goals, and by taking an in-depth look at the world around us, it is our hope that the course will help to prepare Oakridge Students for success in an interdependent global society.

Please check here for complete Senior Current Issues Syllabus.

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