LP’s Sept 15 to Sept 19

Lesson Plans will be posted here weekly in PDF format. In order to access them merely click on the correct class. As changes occur to the plans during the course of the week, I will note those changes at the end of the post – not on the PDF original – so please keep that in mind.

To access the current week’s plans, merely go to the “Weekly Lesson Plans” Category on the right, click it and look to the last post. If you have any questions concerning the LPs please leave a reply. I will do my best to get back to you with an answer within 24 hrs.

I hope this helps you to better organize your school work and your life.

Salamou Alaykoum.

Lesson Plan Updates – as the week progresses, there may be changes to the Lesson Plans. I will note changes below:

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  1. ..charity..

    Mr. Wood…..

    I forgot all my papers for the living room candidate project at SCHOOL!!!!!! I need to finish my years! What do I do? When is the deadline? I am going to lose my mind!!!!!!!!

    ahh my child – relax and breathe – hold your head steady so the crown does not fall off.

  2. ..charity..

    So not funny Mr. Wood when I am having an emotional and physical breakdown. I didn’t find out that the due date for this project was for tomorrow til today. I am so flabbergasted it’s not funny…..!!!!

    Charity where have you been. I told you all last week. I told you on the podcast. I tried to call – your line is busy. I’ll try again. I’m going to bed.