WHO WON??????????? Did you watch? Palin and Biden Thursday night?

Did you see it?

What do you think?

Who won the Thursday night debate? What are your thoughts?  What impact will this debate have on the election?

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  1. Geoff Eely

    I saw the debate and I think that Biden showed his superiority over Palin and also his support for Obama. Biden came out and showed that he knew what he was talking about. Biden was very solid in all his responses and Palin seemed really shaky to me. In my opinion Biden dominated this debate, and this is going to push a lot of people that were uncommitted towards Obama because of Biden’s showing in this debate.

    EXTRA 3 pts. More detail next time.

  2. Mall 2

    Like i said Mr. Wood it was to rehearsed. If it sounded like she knew the stuff and didn’t study the stuff all week then she might have done better.

  3. Dani (miss radical)

    I didn’t watch the debate last night. Do you know if any of the news sites online have the entire debate up? Because I’d still like to watch it.

    It’s out there Dani – email me. Call me. Hang in there.

  4. Misty

    I’m a progressive and really hate to say this, but….I think Palin won. I just don’t get why Biden was picked. He said he’s been in the senate 35 freakin’ years and that he’s not gonna change. Huh? I thought we are the CHANGE campaign. I’m sad.

    How on earth can a progressive say that? – 1 pts

  5. Becca Hall

    Mr. Wood, you have no idea how much I’m hoping you’ll do a spot check today! Seriously! From this point on, I’m going to kick it into high gear. I need to get caught up in my classes, I know! So that’s what I’m going to do. Anyhoo, here’s my take on last night’s debate.

    I did some research on Palin before the debate started, and I found a debate she did while running for governor. No, I’m NOT obsessive; I just like to be informed. Anyway, it was obvious in that youtube video that she was a decent debater, so I didn’t think she would fall flat on her face and start flailing around like a baby. As entertaining as that would be, I had to let go of that hope. It was obvious in the beginning that she was nervous, but as the debate went on, she calmed down and got in her groove. Joe Biden on the other hand came out cool and collected, and he answered the questions without hesitation. He knew his facts, and he didn’t dance around any questions like Palin did. It bothers me how the news is saying that she managed to avoid answering questions directly with a type of elegance. She’s running for Vice President, she shouldn’t have to avoid questions; she should be able to answer them up front. Joe Biden, like Barack Obama, did his best to tie McCain to president Bush, and I think this tactic was affective. Sarah Palin also couldn’t defend her running mate, she instead said that it’s time to stop looking at the past and focus on the future. Uh, WRONG! The past, and especially the last 8 years, is the reason we’re in this mess, and it will greatly affect the future. Anyway, back on subject, Joe Biden was clearly much more educated on the issues, and he in my opinion looked much more presidential. One thing I noticed though was that Biden tended to look at the moderator while answering his questions, and Palin looked into the camera as if she were speaking to the people. It made me want to smack the T.V. Joe Biden won in my opinion, but Sarah Palin did hold her own. If I had to score this debate, I would say Biden won 70/30.

    EXTRA – 5 pts / you are obsessive

  6. Torre Esparza 2nd

    I think that it was mostly even until they got to the war issues and then I believe that Palin was scripted big time. I feel that Biden did a good job in every one of the issues especially the war issues in which he killed Palin.

    I believe that the debate on Thursday defiantly bumped the polls to lean more Obama due to the fact that Palin didn’t do a good job in supporting McCain as well as Biden supported Obama. I also believe the polls went toward Obama for the fact that I didn’t feel that Palin did a good job in eye contact. I think she did too much of staring into the camera instead of using eye contact to the person asking the question.

    3 pts – you’re right on the camera staring part

  7. A. McNerney

    I saw the debate Thursday night and I think Palin held herself together pretty good. A lot of people were expecting her to do a horrible job and I think she proved a lot of people wrong. I personally thought that it was kind of rude how every other time Palin said something Biden would start to laugh or smile at her. But Biden answered the questions correctly, didn’t beat around the bush and supported Obama better than Palin did. I say he won 65/35.

    EXTRA – 3 pts

  8. Shelby Cardinal

    I saw the debate, and I believe that while Palin did ok holding herself together, Biden dominated. Not only did he know what he was talking about, but he believed in it, he believes in Obama and it shows. Palin kind of had a hint of what she was saying, but she wasn’t into it, she didnt completely GET IT. I would have to say that this would probably make more people for Obama.