This American Life Radio “The Giant Pool of Money”

AFTER SCHOOL STUDY SESSION on Wednesday. We’ll sit down together and listen to “This American Life.” We’ll do the extra credit together. Senior Current Issues and Economics students are invited.

Click here for the PDF terms to accompany the radio program.

Go to This American Life – “Giant Pool of Money” program. Look under the date 5-09-08 – you’ll see the photograph of a wadded up dollar bill. Under the bill is a list to click on – click on Full Episode.   The entire 59:00 show will come up. Listen in. I think you will learn a lot about where this mortgage crisis comes from. The program is interesting and pretty simple to understand. I have created a PDF of terms and ideas that go along with the show. Listen to the podcast with the paper in front of you. Do your best to answer the questions…no more than a sentence or two. The PDF will explain what you need to do.

Turn in the paper to Mr. Wood. So that I am comfortable that it is your work only, I’ll ask you a couple of questions about your answers.

ALL STUDENTS CAN EARN UP TO TWENTY FIVE POINTS EXTRA CREDIT for this assignment. These points will be added onto your blog totals for the marking period.

Listening to “This American Life” is a great way to learn. Give it a shot…I think you’ll like it

This assignment is due into Mr. Wood by Monday October 20.

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