Our first bakesale…Close Up & Selma

Good news boys and girls!

We have our first bakesale this month.

Thursday –  October 30th and Friday – 31st, first and second lunch both days so we will need helpers.

We will have a Halloween theme. So share your ideas with me here online! :0)

Grazie, Ciao and Auf Wiedersehen!

– Charity Wilde

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  1. A. McNerney

    Hey Charity,
    I would help out for sure during lunch and my mom can makes things to sell Friday. She is planning on making puppy chow and that one stuff I think is called “dirt” with the gummy worms on top. I dont really know what it’s called.


  2. .charity.

    Great!!! I am working both first and second lunches on thursday and friday. Make sure to label whatever you make so we can easily add up what you make in profit. Thanks Amanda!

  3. Benjamin Newman

    i’m going to ask my grandma to make some zucchini bread and sell on Friday hopefully both hours if i can get Mr Green to agree to that

  4. ..Charity..

    That’s great Ben. I will be working thursday and friday. You can bring whatever you make to Mr. Wood’s room first thing on friday morning. Thanks!

  5. alex engler

    when are you doing another? I would like to help out.

  6. ..Charity..

    Okay Mr. Wood. We need to come up with a committee for these fundraisers. I will talk with you I suppose next week.

  7. Benjamin Newman

    i Didn’t tell my grandma early enough and i had to work. i’ll need to wait for the next one and start cooking again. BTW i love those lemon squares Charity.

  8. Kaylee G

    Hey Charity!

    Let’s get another bake sale together okay??

    Also, we should make those flyers for corporate donations and start on those too =]

    I think that I am going to ask my boss lady at Meijer to donate, but who knows how that will go. But, it’s always worth a shot.