Special Interest Groups in your Community

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Special Interest Groups provide us the opportunity to allow regular folks, like you and me, to band together in order to work to hold our government accountable…to the truth, to justice, to their charter – the Constitution of the United States.  It is the Bill of Rights, the first amendment in particular, that provides us the tools to wage that battle.  Freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and petition – these god given unalienable rights are secured for us by our Constitution.  Every special interest group – your A.C.T! group included – taps into these rights.

Special Interest Groups are everywhere.  In your class, your school, at home, and in the community – just take a look.  For this assignment I want you out in the community finding out exactly what special interest groups your friends and family are involved in.   Download the assignment.  Read it.  Talk to people.   You must find ten special interest groups that people are in.  You may use three teachers in your search and you can use no more than three special interest groups per person.

Assignment is due Friday October 31.

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