“Blog” – Greed is Good

Watch the clip – Greed is Good from the movie Wall Street.

In the movie Wall Street (1987) Gordon Gecko is a Wall Street corporate raider. He buys up company stock until he gets ahold of a majority shares – and then breaks the company,  and sells it off in pieces; he makes a fortune in the process and thousands of people are put out of work. In this clip from the movie Gecko is speaking before the Board of Directors of Teldar paper.  It’s a company that he has bought up a majority of shares and intends to take it down – providing all the shareholders a good profit in the process.  This speech is at the annual Board of Directors meeting before the shareholders.  Besides hammering the vice presidents of the company and the corporate state of  America he almost poetically asserts that Greed is Good.

Watch the piece from the movie.  Listen to Gecko’s call for greed.  Agree or disagree with Gecko – and explain.

Post your blog by Sunday 7:00 PM – Assignment is 20 pts.  Make sure to follow Blogging Guidelines. 

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  1. Devyn C.

    I have to agree with Gecko on the fact that greed is good. In the clip, he was talking to all the stockholders about how Teldar paper had 33 vice presidents, but that they only own less than 3% of stock. In his speech, he wanted to tell all the stockholders to take charge, because it was their money at stake. If I was a stockholder in a company, I would be doing everything in my power to make sure that my money was being used wisely. Gecko wants the people to know that they should make the company take account for the lack of care to Teldar paper. Much like many people in America feel now, they want the government to take accountability for their actions.

    16 of 20 – B

  2. ..charity..

    *Greed is defined as a desire for possessing or having more than one needs, especially money or property.

    Now this is often the first indication we have when we hear the word greed. But I see the word as containing many meanings. I agree with what Gecko said about having greed for knowledge, love. I find it so necessary to pick greed apart and analyze what possible meanings it has. I, myself, have greed to be smart and educated in all that I do because I want to achieve greatly in life and so that I can be helpful to others, which is in return, unselfish, the opposite of greed. It is important that you take time to reflect on the things in our life, those things consisting of pure selfishness or bad greed. We can get so caught up in unimportant things, even important things and loose sight of what it is to be humble. It is selfish when companies are concerned with making oodles of money and not caring how their clients are treated. That is the epitome of bad greed.

    5 PTS EXTRA – Nice job NEW CHARITY

  3. Kate-Lynn

    My opinion on greed can go either way, dangerous or helpful. In this scenario greed is good. Gecko wants to eliminate the 33 vice presidents making over $200,000 a year, and the stock holders to rise up and take control, because their money could be in jeopardy. The V.P. only account for 3% in the stocks which is piddle compared to other Teldar stock holders. Be greedy with your stocks to keep the economy thriving.

    14 of 20 C / come on dig in! Make this interesting.

  4. Autumn Storm 2

    I think that Greed can be good and Greed can be bad, it just depends on the situation. In Gecko’s scenario it is good because it makes the stockholders responsible and accountable for their money and leaders. They were told to take charge and hold the government accountable for their actions.

    On the other hand Greed can be bad if the only thing you are thinking about is money and not other people. Greed is bad when you use others for their money or use them to get their money.

    So I think it can go either way.

    15 of 20 – C+ / Come on dig in. Let’s see something interesting.

  5. Alisha Briggs 2nd hour

    On a regular basis, I would tell you that greed is bad because that is just what my opinion had always been. In this situation, I guess I am going to have to disagree with myself and agree with Gecko. He is trying to make the stock holders be more involved with their own money which is at stake. He also wants to let every one know that the company does not own up to its mistakes and unthoughtful decisions. Since Teldar Paper has 33 vice presidents and each of them own less that 3% of the stock, I think that is bizarre. I think greed is what keeps everything balanced because if every one was not greedy, there would be no success because everything would more than likely be “equal”.

    17 of 20 B / Your last sentence is your most interesting…dig in a bit there and go with it.

  6. Angel H

    In this clip Gecko tried to say he is not a destroyer. Well Websters definition of a destroyer is to put out of existence. Don’t you think that some one who can buy out a company and sell it to others leaving tons of people out of a job is a destroyer. Gecko also tried to make greed sound like its a good thing, in all actuality it’s not. The way Gecko explains it he makes it sound good by saying things like greed for love and knowledge. The thing is Gecko is not greedy for love or knowledge he is greedy for money. So as far as his speech about how greed is good goes then he is completely wrong.

    18 of 20 – A / Nice job Angel – interesting angle on greed

  7. Aly H. 3rd hr

    I agree with Gecko to an extent. I think greed for knowledge and love is good and it will help the future of the economy. I think this because if everyone had greed for knowledge, everyone would want to learn something and people would become better at what they specialize in and help out the economy.

    I disagree with Gecko because if people become too greedy for something that won’t help the economy, then it could turn out bad. For example, CEO’s make all the money and then run out of the country. They want more money, so they put their money in more high risk ventures, which will probably not succeed. People also become greedy for goods and so they buy it and think that they’ll get the money back by working. In reality, they’re not going to and so they become broke and have to give their house or car or whatever to the bank.

    So again, I agree with Gecko to an extent. I think that greed for knowledge can help other people and businesses out, but greed for more money and goods can be bad.

    16 of 20 – B / I agree. I disagree. I agree. Aly I asked that you pick a side.

  8. Jori Carlson

    I believe greed, is not good.

    Greed is the excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves. I feel greed is a negative word. Gecko is trying to get stock holders to be accountable for their company and the way they spend their money, but being greedy and taking more than what you need takes away from people rather than help them. There are ways to accomplish being wealthy without being greedy, and taking away from the livelyhood and well being of the people that have put their money into these companies. Breaking down companies to benefit yourself is morally wrong when the lives of other people,(in more ways than one) depend on the outcome of this money. Having an abundance of knowledge and love is good but only to the point of which you can use it. What good are they if you have so much of something that you dont know what to do with it?

    (-5 spelling) 18 -5 = 13 /20 D+ This is pretty good. Good quote – there are ways to accomplish being wealthy without being greedy. How do you have an overabundance of love or knowledge? All-n-all pretty well done – but you cannot afford to keep losing five points for spelling. Spell check.

  9. Miranda Songe 5th

    I think that greed is not a good thing to have. I also think that when someone is out of money and you have a little money left over, after taking care of your bills, the person came to you for help would you help? I would personally but, the average person won’t because like Gecko said in the clip “Greed is good, greed is right, greed is work. There is greed for life, for money, love, and knowledge”. There is a lot of greed in this world and money is a part of that. Think about it we have gambling for instances, they play to get more money. Also cell phones, yeah they are nice but you don’t really need them if you can’t pay your house bill. I don’t think you need a cell phone, computer, or TV. Read a book! People that like to play cards and sports, I think they are greedy too because they have to win or they get upset. It’s crazy. When I think of greed of love, I think of people that are married and are cheating on their spouse. Also people with 10 cars. You only drive one. Last but not least, with knowledge, yeah it’s great to be smart but it’s not cool to flaunt it. I just don’t understand why people are so greedy with things and are so complicated.

    16 of 20 – B / you are rolling. Greed of love – cheating on your wife – interesting. Ten cars – people can only drive one. I think you bring up some pretty good points. Not bad.

  10. Brandon Wilder 5h hour.

    I definitely think that if I was a stockholder in a company I would be greedy with my stocks. It’s every man for himself.

    Gecko said, “the new law of evolution in coorperate
    America seems to be survival of the unfittest”.
    To me this means that people that don’t know what they’re doing and people who are having random stocks invested and should be failing are able to survive. But I agree with Gecko when he said, “in my book you either do it right or you get eliminated”. I believe that the ones who are “weak” when it comes to stock holding should fail and be eliminated because if they don’t do it right the first time they shouldn’t have another chance. These are stocks you’re dealing with and there isnt second chances. You can’t just say, “oh okay, you can take back that investment now that you know what you’re doing. better luck next time”. This is people’s actual money that’s on the line and it affects so many. So each stockholder should be greedy, in my opinion. So in this case, I would say that greed is good.

    15 of 20 C= / You have some good points on the stockholder thing – but I’d like to see you slide over into the life department too.

  11. Courtney Brown 5th

    I agree with Gecko that it is probably better to be greedy. Not just for ourselves, but for the world. To helping out people in need, all the way to the government. Being greedy can sometimes help the whole world. I don’t think that being greedy has to be a bad thing. It can motivate a person to do better things. Also maybe motivate the country. Being greedy mostly means that a person has self-interest. Sometimes the government is the self-interest, strongly in the command economy.

    14 of 20 C / Tell me how being greedy can help the whole world. You get going pretty good and bring up self interest – you need to go a little deeper with that thought.

  12. Amber Gee 2nd hour

    I agree with Gecko that greed is good. He used greed to get on top. You have to be greedy sometimes to get what you want in many aspects. Gecko said that greed in love, money, life, knowledge is right and it works. For example having greed for knowledge makes you very intelligent, getting you where you want to maybe getting a good job or getting a scholarship. Even though greed is something many people may think of as a bad thing, it’s gets the things in life you want. Gecko became rich because of greed. He wasn’t modest about anything. He did what he had to do to get what he wanted and he got it.

    16 of 20 – b / good finale. Interesting take on Gecko. I would’ve liked to seen you go a little more towards the job or scholarship idea.

  13. Kassi Kay-3


    In a way I agree with Gecko. Greed is a good thing as long as it’s greed for compassion and knowledge. But in the end aren’t all of our choices based on greed? Isn’t it our greed that determines what we fight for; whether it be money, love, or experience? Humans are selfish by nature, and that’s good when we need to accomplish our basic goals (feeding and sheltering ourselves and family). In these cases selfishness and looking out for number one are essential. It’s when you have a case like Gecko’s when 33 VP’s earning over $200,000 are still wishing for more. Then greed is no longer a tool to survive but a vicious thirst that can never be quenched, destroying every thing that crosses its path.

    19 of 20 – A / I like it! Rather eloquently done.

  14. I do agree with the arguments with Gecko. I agree on the argument with 33 different vice presidents. They all should have not have earned $200,000 each year. Instead the company itself like many others should have spent it on its employees for their benefits and other important issues. He is a fierce speaker for his fellow stock holders but even though he is a hero to them he has flaws. The main thing with people is that it has been money, money, and more money for themselves not even caring about the workers of the company. It’s a win-lose battle with the people. A win for the stockholders and a loss for the workers. Greed has been in humans since the Ancient times such as tomb robbers in Egypt. It corrupts itself.

    14 of 20 – C / This sounds like at the end that you want to go in a different direction from the beginning. Consequently it’s a bit disorganized.


    I believe greed is good to a certain extent. Greed is what makes people want to exceed. In America we need greedy people to compete with other nations but when greed gets out of control is when it becomes a bad thing. When presidents and vice presidents only think of their own pay checks it starts hurting the common workers. When the laborers see the company’s president and vice president get richer yet they are not getting raises moral in the company goes down. When moral goes down the company suffers. Greed needs to be contained at a level that everybody in the company benefits.

    (spelling – 5) 17 – 5 = 12/20 – Some interesting angles here. Make sure you get the spelling correct.

  16. Boo Basch 2nd Hour

    I do not agree with Gecko. I think that greed is bad. You should not be greedy when it comes to anything. Like in this clip he is trying to get stock holders to be accountable for their company and be in charge of how they spend their money. It only becomes greed when you take it to the next step. Like when you take more then what you need to. How I view greed is when you have enough needs to live with and you want more and more. Think about the people that do not have anything. That hurts me to see them people suffer and then turn around and see people greedy with their money. That is wrong. You should not want to just help out yourself, but others too.

    17 of 20 B / This is interesting. It only becomes greed when you take it to the next step. Nice job.

  17. Katherine P. - 5th hour

    When Gecko was making his speech he sounded way to convincing, I would admit that if I was there of course I would agree to what he was saying because the people had no idea that he’s going the destroy the company. On the other hand I strongly believe greed is a bad thing, whether it’s with money or power. People can get greedy when it comes to having a lot of money or power, they only do one thing with it and that is abuse it. Not everyone does but most. Even though greed is what got Gecko where he stands in the video clip, to me he wants more greed. For some reason he feels the need to destroy the Teldar paper company and leave the employees out of work, does that not sound greedy to you? It certainly sounds like it to me. But some people would say “it’s every man for himself” but I think you should “treat others the way you want to be treated” I don’t think Gecko wants to ever lose his job so why should he put a lot more employers out of a job, remember what comes around goes around.

    17 of 20 B+ / Some interesting points here – however you do ramble a bit as well.

  18. Kirsten B 5th hour

    I agree with Geckos thoughts on greed. I agree with him because I am a greedy person in my own eyes, I do certain things basically just for me. But also I do things for others to make myself happy. The definition of greed is: an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. In my situation I give myself an over excessive amount of things, and when it comes to money I am the definition of greed. In the clip Gecko states that “greed is right, greed works, greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary sprit, and greed in all of its forms greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. “ I agree with what he says because he is basically saying everything revolves around greed. I believe that the world does revolve around greed because everything we do is for ourselves. An example of that is giving money to the poor; we do it not because they necessarily need it but because it makes us feel better. So again I believe that greed is good, it is what we thrive to have. Greed is what people consciously do in life to themselves, to others just to make themselves feel a little bit better.

    (-5 pts spelling) 19-5 = 14/20 C This is so cynical – however quite good and it’s consistent – and it does sound like YOU. Try spelling words correctly next time.

  19. Kaylie, 3rd hr..

    The definition of greed- “Excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.” Is greed really good? I think it depends on the case, but in most, the outcome is bad. At first, greed is good because it starts from people wanting better than they have- and that kind of thinking makes a country better, especially at producing things. It helps a country rise and branch out. It’s what helps a country grow.
    On the other hand, when it becomes something that hurts other people, it is bad…It is hurting the country more than helping it, and that line is easy to cross, especially if you are very powerful. Greed can take a hold of you and you aren’t even aware of it, or the consequences you might have. Like what Gecko did- he bought the majority of the shares, and sold it off in peices, sending thousands of people into unemployment. Wouldn’t you say that that is hurting the country? Greed can easily go from “My business is hurting, I’m going to make it better” to “I have it all, but I want more”. And that isn’t good.

    18 – 5 = 13 of 20 D / Nice finish. Interesting thoughts.

  20. Thomas Carrier 5th hour

    I agree with Gecko because without greed I dont think this country would have gone anywhere. Nobody would have the incentive needed to make things better in order to make more money. Without greed there would be no jobs because there would be no competition so there would be limited jobs. I think Gecko did a good job on being greedy well also punishing those who are greedy.

    15 of 20 – not bad…but you can still do better. At least its here!

  21. RACHEL STEWART 3rd hr

    After watching this clip from Wall Street several times, I agree with Gekko. I knew right at 2:50 that I agreed with the guy when he simply states “Greed works.” Gekko talks about how greed “captures the essence of evolutionary spirit.” Now, I am not an evolutionist, but I can believe that the shape of a bird’s beak will change as the bird adapts to its environment. I agree with what Gekko is saying here when he is talking about how greed will change the market with an “evolutionary spirit.” People looking out for their own self interests is, what I think, makes the market move. Many people in our country have or have had a dream for the generic perfect life- get a good education, a well paying job, a nice house, kids, watch them grow up, be old, die happy. There is nothing wrong with this dream, I myself want some aspects of this dream, but people who have this dream and the drive to make it possible are most likely going to be willing to do whatever they can to attain this dream. This includes being greedy to get what they want. This means turning their lives into a constant competition with everyone around them to get the best they can get, even if it means the guy next to them getting screwed over. This is how greed drives the market. Consumers with this dream will buy whatever they can to satisfy their own self-interest. Now, having goals for a dream like this is not a bad thing, I think you could argue it’s human instinct to want the best for yourself, I am just saying that greedy people do have an impact and make the market work. Greedy people also have an impact on life itself. In theory, if there were no greedy people in this world and everyone was just happy with what they had, life would be good, however, at this point in time, this is not a realistic world. Greed is what drives people to make their actions-good or bad- to get whatever it is they want so badly.

    20 of 20 – A / You are ruthless. ???even if it means the guy next to them getting screwed over???

  22. Andrew Dalum 3rd hour

    Ok i agree with what gecko says but i disagree with what he’s doing. In my opinion gecko manipulates the word greed. Tearing apart a buisness through stocks is a very greedy action in my opinion because it puts many people out of work and in the end a few people get rich and many more people are left to struggle.
    However gecko talks about greed for love and education, these are good things. But you notice that not once does gecko ever use what he is doing in reference to greed. He wants you to think about greed being good anytime but that is were he is wrong. If we all used greed for the right things i do think that are economy would flourish and we would rise.
    The only problem with that is when people start to get greedy they tend to not care about other people and when there is a disregard for people that is when the problems start. So overall I would say i agree with gecko but i wish that he would take his own advice.

    (-10 spelling) 17 -10 = 7/20 F Interesting back and forth. Check the spelling and grammar.

  23. Chet D. 2

    I believe greed can be either good or bad. When there is greed like that of the presidents and vice-presidents of Teldar paper, greed is wrong. In turn, Gecko’s greed is good because, through his own greed, Gecko is getting rid of the 33 power-hungry vice presidents, and supplying the shareholders a nice bit of profit. Greed is what drives people to want to go out and further our world with the hopes that they will make a profit by doing so, applying advancement in the process. Through greed, our world has come to be as advanced as it is, and may not be like how it is today if greed never existed in people.

    14 of 20 – C / Chet this really doesn’t go where you are capable of taking it. Dig in.

  24. Robert B.3rd

    I don’t think greed is good, because it’s greed that put the vice presidents in their position in the first place, they wanted more money for themselves. And this is exactly what Gecko is doing, he bought the most stocks, so he had the most powerful voice. He’s going to use greed to take the business down, and get a bunch of money out of it. I can see how greed is good, because he’s going to take a lot of the vice presidents money, but at the same time he’s doing this, he’s making thousands of other people lose their jobs, people that aren’t greedy, people that are just trying to live.

    14 of 20 – C / Come on dig in. Go further with this.

  25. Becca Hall

    After watching this video, I agree that in some circumstances, greed is good. In an economy like ours, greed is what keeps things rolling. Without greed, the economy would make no progress and would eventually come to a screeching halt. In a way, the invisible hand is greed. It’s what influences people to go out and buy more, and sellers to sell more. In some cases though, such as 33 vice presidents all making 200,000 dollars a year, greed can get out of hand. In moderation, greed is the motivation that keeps our economy going. It’s necessary, but it could also be fatal.

    16 of 20 – B /what about the banking crisis…the mortgage crisis…the global financial crisis.

  26. Kerstin Bomba2

    I would agree with him in this clip, because every company has to make money and it’s not useful to spend the whole money for paper. He just said the positive effects of greed, but there a lot of negative effects that he didn’t say. A country hasn’t only the strong people a country is a mix of different people, so a company should be the same. A company has to make money and has to help the weak people, because they wanted that anybody help them if they would be weak.

    14 of 20 – C / I’m a little confused German girl. Is it good or is it bad?

  27. Peter N. 2nd

    In my opinion greed is bad in this situation. 1 Timothy 6:10 states, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil…” Gecko would be putting thousands out of work, and I don’t see how that is a good thing. Gecko is just deceiving all of these share holders and pointing out all of the companies flaws that could be fixed without the destruction of the company. To answer the question, I have to say that I do not agree with Gecko, and I believe that greed is not good.

    14 of 20 – C / Come on dig in…go with this and carry the issue further than the clip.

  28. Jake S. 2nd Hour

    I think that what gecko is doing is right. Greed is very good in this situation. He is taking the power away from the big business people who get payed piles of money for doing pretty much nothing. In return he is getting money for the stock holders who in reality own the company. That is what all the money for the company comes from (stock holders). The reason greed is good in this situation is that this mans greed makes everyday people’s lives better. It is better for millions of people to have some money than one person to be rich. I think that his greed helps actually spreading the wealth. In the clip he says that he is not a destroyer of businesses. He just wants to get the money to the people who really deserve it. Greed is good because this man’s greed helps a lot of people.

    15 of 20 C+ What about on a bigger scale outside of this particular issue.

  29. Lewis 2nd hour Geed is Good.

    I believe that greed is good. Greed is good because if there wasn’t lots of money involved in work or businesses then people would not get these thing. Greed makes the world work to an certain extent. Greed pushes everybody to get better and exceed in there work to get more money. Without greed people wouldn’t make this a better country, for an example hydrogen cars, solar panels, new inventions means more money for the makers if there wasnt money involved then we wouldn’t have these inventions. So greed is good to an extent.

    14 of 20 C – Good support…is that actually greed? Could it be something else?

  30. Kristin H 5th hour

    I would have to disagree with Gecko, greed is not good. In situations like this with big companies, there needs to be checks and balances. Gecko continuously pointed out that as a whole the audience had more stocks than the Vice Presidents who were helping to run the company. I believe he was saying it to get the people fired up, just to get them more involved and have more say in Teldar paper. If you look at the 33 Vice Presidents you have to wonder, where did they come from? How did they get their jobs? Is there really a need for all of them, or were they just a friend of a friend? If Teldar paper didn’t have so much greed, they wouldn’t be losing as much money.

    14 of 20 – C / You say greed is not good, you disagree with Gecko, but Gecko is ripping the VPs and so are you. This is a little inconsistent.

  31. Courtney B. 3rd Hour

    I disagree with Gecko, at least in this situation. In the clip, 33 vice presidents make $200,000 a year, and own 3% of the company’s stock. The vice presidents had greed, because they wanted more money. Gecko is also greedy because he wanted to take away money form the vice presidents, some of this money would go to Gecko, so he doing this to give himself more money.
    I also feel that in small amounts greed can be good. Greed is what sparked new innovations/technology. Without new innovations and technology the United States wouldn’t be as successful as it is now. For example, if people weren’t greedy about heat, then we would not have the advanced heating systems that we have now.

    (-5 spelling) 11 of 20 F – A little disorganized.

  32. Briana Friday,2

    I don’t think greed is good at all, but maybe greed does work. I do not agree with greedy people and I also hate to see people on the streets with no home or money while some have millions of dollars spent on useless things such as Prada purses and Gucci sunglasses. I do believe greed works because if we didn’t have greedy people, nothing would be the same. We need the competition that greedy people have to get further in life. For example, if the President of the United States really did not care about what people thought of them, certain problems that we want taken care of may not be of any concern to them because they don’t care to get our vote; they don’t care to be the best. Another example, if stockbrokers weren’t greedy and didn’t want so much money, they would not care to earn their customers’ money because they would not need the business.
    I do not like greedy people but we do need them. Greed does work.

    19 of 20 – A Nice job.

  33. Tricia S. 3rd hr

    After watching the clip from wall street I agree with Gecko that greed is good. He says that greed is good but you need to be smart about being greedy. When people are greedy it can cause companies to grow and create more jobs but you can’t be selfish and greedy. The company Gecko is buying up isn’t sensible about its greed and they have 33 vice presidents which is pointless to have when you can use those workers in more sensible ways to help the company grow and cause not just him but everyone to make more money. Greed is good because it helps our economy grow, as long as you are being smart about how your being greedy.

    15 of 20 – C+ What exactly is smart greedy?

  34. Morse 2

    In my opinion I do think that greed is good, and I strongly agree with what Gecko says. In the clip he was telling the stockholder how their money is at stake and if they don’t become greedy and take action something could possibly go wrong with that money. He is right, if we weren’t greedy our economy would not be rolling, there would be no incentive. Gecko also says “greed is money, love, life, and knowledge.” Looking at this quote he is right we will do anything for love or money even if it means pushing others down and hurting them along the way, now I thing that is the most greedy thing you can do. But hey it works and it keeps life rolling!

    (-5 spelling) 16 – 5 = 11/20 F / Is our economy rolling because of greed in regards to the mortgage or banking crisis? You need a bit more depth.

  35. Conner P. 3rd

    I think that Gecko is a bit of a hypocrite. He blames the vice presidents of Teldar for being greedy, but at the same time he is no less greedy than them. Buying up a company, destroying it piece by piece, and putting thousands of workers out on the street does not sound like a good thing to me. Taking the money of the presidents may be something they deserve, but the workers don’t deserve to lose their jobs just because of Gecko’s greed. Yes, I do think greed is somewhat necessary to have in our economy. But most of the time greed is a bad thing. When people are making more money than they need to live comfortably, and when their lives are based on the things they own or how much they make, that’s when I consider greed to be getting out of hand.

    19 of 20 – A Interesting. Good insight to Gecko.

  36. Shelby Bowen 3rd hour

    I do strongly agree with Gecko, greed is good and takes on a large role in developing a better lifestyle. Without greed no one would have to motivation to do better than the next person. We use that motivation to get what we most desire, whether it is a higher income, higher quality material objects or even love. Being greedy is not just about the material things, being greedy, like Gecko said can be for knowledge and love. Without greed there would not be any competition, people would not strive to do better. The world would be the same, everyone would be equal. There is a point though when greed become nasty and mean. When people do not put their knowledge in the process of making a decision. This causes many problems, for example the banking crisis we are going through right now. The people on Wall Street did not use the knowledge of all the possible outcomes. They zoned in on what they wanted the outcome to be and not what would happen in reality. For instance the corporation had 33 inexperienced vice presidents just to increase their income. They would give the label of being a vice president to anyone that had connections. This in the end came back to haunt them, instead of having some of their many vice presidents working in a specific area where they can help the business, they were just focused on getting a larger number put on their paycheck. This is when greed become bad and people do not think of their actions.

    20 of 20 – A / Nice job. Good example of the banking crisis.

  37. Michael Shoop 2nd Hour

    In my opinion after watching this video I feel that greed can be good to a certain extent. People who work hard at something in order to earn their wealth should deserve to receive what they get. A man such as Gecko is an example of how greed can be viewed in a bad way. He bought out companies for his own good. Acting in such a selfish way he caused many others to loose their jobs. His greed was taken to far. Sure he was a successful man and worked hard for his position but his greed lead to the loss of others jobs. I feel that once you have enough money to buy your basic needs and wants then you should help out others who cannot afford that.

    (-10 spelling) the first two were tiny…still you need to look at these things – proof. Or it will be impossible to pass blogs. 5 of 20 F

  38. Mariah S.

    I agree with what Gecko says. If they want what they deserve then they should take control. He says this is the survival of the unfitest which is a great example. What he means by that is the stockholders are letting these 33 vice presidents sit back and do nothing and get paid instead of taking control. The worse part is, is that out of 33 of them they only own less than 3% of the stock and they still make about 200,000 dollars a year. So I believe Greed is good.

    14 of 20 – C How can you determine if greed is good or bad just on this? Bring in other stuff

  39. Becca S.

    I agree with what Gecko says about greed. I mean the stock holders own more of the company than the vice presidents do, yet the vice presidents are the people who control the company. The owner of Teldar paper makes one million dollars but he only owns one percent of the stocks. If you want something to get done the way you want it you have to do it yourself. Helping yourself is not being greedy unless it is hurting other people.

    12 of 20 D where are you getting your numbers…one million dollars and one percent of stock?

  40. Bethany 5th hour

    In my own opinion greed is not good, it’s another form of being selfish. With Gecko stating greed for love and knowledge it help influence my opinion on greed, cause the greed he is talking about is only influenced on making more money for himself. At one point Gecko states that 33 vice presidents sit back and do nothing though it did make me think that greed would be good, but still overall many people are losing their job’s to.

    14 of 20 C / Come on Bethany dig in – you can be so insightful if you choose to .

  41. John Lazarock

    I agree that greed is good. Having the stockholders more involved with their own stocks makes more since. It’s pointless to have 33 vice presidents. They make to much money for what they do.

    10 of 20 F / Dig in

  42. Torrey Esparza 2nd


    After seeing how our economy is as of right now I would have to say that I disagree with Gecko. The reason I disagree is that there is so many greedy people in the United States that they’re not doing anything to help our situation. They have so much money that they will not even be able to spend, and now why wouldn’t you share your money to help the middle and lower class people who are struggling? However, I believe that some people that have a lot of money have not been greedy, for example, surgeons who make a lot of money, make it with a purpose. There are a lot of people like professional athletes that don’t really work that hard for there money, and should have no problem sharing it instead of going on strikes to try to receive more money, because they believe they don’t make enough. That is taking greed to a bad extent.

    (-5 spelling) 16 – 5 = 11 of 20 F – (+2 for your troubles with me and the posting) 13 of 20 / D

  43. Mr Wood


  44. Kaylie P. 3rd hr.


    The definition of greed- “Excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.” Is greed really good? I think it depends on the case, but in most, the outcome is bad. At first, greed is good because it starts from people wanting better than they have- and that kind of thinking makes a country better, especially at producing things. It helps a country rise and branch out. It’s what helps a country grow.
    On the other hand, when it becomes something that hurts other people, it is bad…It is hurting the country more than helping it, and that line is easy to cross, especially if you are very powerful. Greed can take a hold of you and you aren’t even aware of it, or the consequences you might have. Like what Gecko did- he bought the majority of the shares, and sold it off in pieces, sending thousands of people into unemployment. Wouldn’t you say that that is hurting the country? Greed can easily go from “My business is hurting, I’m going to make it better” to “I have it all, but I want more”. And that isn’t good.

    Very nicely done – rules say a a REPOST doesn’t count unless you do so within 10 minutes. This is a final warning…1/2 credit – 20 /2 = 10 of 20

  45. Torre Esparza 2nd

    Hey Mr. Wood in the grade book it says i got a 11 out of 20 on this blog assignment but on here you gave me 2 extra points for inconvience. So just figured i would let you know that it should be a 13 out of 20 D instead of an F.