It’s time for our next bake sale. It will be both lunches, THURSDAY THE 18TH AND FRIDAY THE 19TH. I have a list of things to bring. The plan is that one person bake one good off of the list and bring it Thursday morning to Mr. Woods room so that I can put all of the food in the cafeteria. So I need seven people to commit to bringing one item. We have:

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies – Sophelia
  2. Sugar Cookies – Charity Wilde
  3. Brownies – Kaylie Payne
  4. Rice Crispy Treats – Jessica Jenkins
  5. No Bake Cookies – Breanna Stradel
  6. Pop Corn Balls –
  7. Puppy Chow – Torrey Esparza
  8. Cupcakes – Kara Finley

Now I will need three volunteers for each lunch to help sell items, the people helping to sell should be the ones bringing in items. Signing up for lunches means that you work both days, unless you can’t for some reason

1st Lunch:

  • Charity Wilde
  • Jessica Jenkins
  • Sam Ferrier
  • Kaylie Payne

2nd Lunch

  • Sophelia
  • Tyler
  • Breanna Stradel

Everyone has until December the 17th to get back to me, thanks! :0)

The New and Improved and festive holiday season Charity


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    Thanks so much Mr. Wood. :0)

    For you new Charity…anything. Just make sure to tie some sox around your eyes tonite in case the bleeding starts again.


    Great Idea…thanks :0). I tried band aids, but those got soggy and lost their stickiness within a few seconds….

    tube sox with duct tape. They used it in the Middle Ages for the plague. And in Vietnam last Winter to combat bird flu. I think it is one treatment that might be covered most of America’s health care plans.


    That’s good, everyone needs tube socks coverage. Now who says America isn’t improving? :0)

  4. sophie Alviar

    hey charity i can help with 2nd lunch and i can bring in cookies. if you need help with anthing else just give me a call 231-557-3416

  5. Samantha Ferrier

    So.. I would like to participate in this bake sale. But I think I want to bring something other than what is on the list… is that okay? I don’t know. Well if it isn’t I can pick something on the list. I guess just let me know…


    Hello Sophie,

    I will put you down for chocolate chip cookies and for second lunch, let me know on the blog if that works, thanks soooooo much!


    Hola Sam,

    What exactly do you have in mind? No, you can’t bring “special brownies” or punch with booze….though that is something that you and I would enjoy, it’s just not possible…..sorry.

  8. britt weiss

    I will Bring in something because my mom and I are baking tonite….Just walk next door if ya need any help.:]]]

  9. Jessica Jenkins

    I can work first lunch and I can bring Rice Crispy Treats! Also charity what happened with the money from the other bakesale? Did they go into individual accounts or what?

  10. Samantha Ferrier

    I wasn’t really sure I was thinking like chocolate covered peanut butter balls or something like that? And I can also work first lunch, if you need someone else!

    Nobody in their right mind would eat a chocolate covered peanut butter ball, baked by YOU.


    Mr. Wood please add Sam under first hour lunch to work, thanks!

  12. Tina Esparza

    Torrey can bring in puppy chow.

  13. Samantha Ferrier

    Don’t be silly I wouldn’t make it, I would have my grandmother do it!!


    Mr. Wood, please remember that we are having a meeting tomorrow morning. It will be a Close Up/Selma Bake Sale meeting. Thanks!

  15. Breanna Stadel

    Hey Charity,
    I would like to bring the no bake cookies and i can work second lunch. : )

  16. Kaylie Payne

    I can work first lunch….and probobly make brownies.

  17. Kara Finlay

    I can bring either cupcakes or brownies, I’m not sure which one yet.

  18. ..Charity..

    Sorry I’m not at school today, my eyes started to bleed again. This is a good list. Thanks for your help Mr. Wood. I will there tomorrow, I promise, eyes bleeeding or not.

  19. ..Charity..

    Could you ask Sam ferrier what she is bringing to the bake sale and let me know before tomorrow? Thanks.

  20. Tyler Darnell

    Its friday and we have a snowday. I am going up to the school at noon to get my baked goods because they will probably go stale over break anyway. If anyone wants to come with me and get your stuff you are welcome to. I will be at the school at 12:00 and I will wait for 10 minutes to see if anyone else comes.

  21. nyssa swanson

    January Bake Sale??? Im In….Let me know

    I’m in? Let me know. Oh, well if you’re in…then I guess we must have it. Because YOU are NYSSA SWANSON!!!

  22. nyssa swanson

    Ha-ha. I’m just saying that if there is a bake sale I am willing to lend my time and effort to make it a successful one!

    Are you insinuating (correct me if I’m wrong) that without your time and effort the bake sale will be an unsuccessful venture? Because that is what I’m seeing here.

  23. nyssa swanson

    oh just forget it…ugh

    That is just about as eloquent as I have ever heard you. God that says it all.

  24. Bre Stadel

    hey guys
    i was just talking to my mom and we thought that maybe we could get a booth at the spring carnival. it seems like it would make money if we could come up with something creative. i don’t know. just throwing it out there