Civil Rights Study #3 – Little Rock & Greensboro

Civil Rights Movement – Independent Study
Read pages 114 to 175
Assignment #3 – Little Rock, Greensboro, and the President

Post on Google Docs by Sunday February 26 @ 6:00 PM.

The linked Eyes on the Prize Video is very good for this section of the movement. Little Rock in 1957 is covered well. Watch the video for sure…maybe this time before you read. It is on YouTube and clear.

The book doesn’t delve into the Little Rock High School and Greensboro issues as deeply as does “Eyes on the Prize”, in part because King’s role in each was limited. He absolutely inspired black students at the high school and in Greensboro – there can be no doubt of that. The Montgomery Bus Boycott occurs one year prior to the integration of Little Rock High School. The Greensboro sit ins three years later. By then he was the voice and image of the movement. His role at inspiring these kids was definite; actual manipulation of the events was minor. Little Rock is barely talked about in the Oates book – so lets watch it on “Eyes on the Prize” and write about that reflection. The other topics I will draw from the reading. Post by noon on Sunday February 26…that way I can read them Sunday afternoon. Senior Current Issues students – yours need to be posted at the same time – we will discuss the questions on Monday February 27. Bring a printed copy of your Google docs.

#1 – Little Rock NineThe first thirty minutes of Eyes on the Prize (part 2 Fighting Back) deals almost specifically with The Little Rock Nine. Watch it. Remember this occurs in 1957 – three years after the Supreme Court decision of Brown v Board that was issued with the caveat “with all deliberate speed.”

The video looks at the controversy from dozens of perspectives. I want you to listen to those involved (white, black, soldiers, politicians, parents and kids) Choose one person. I do not care who you choose. I want you to write a first person perspective for that individual. Note the time in minutes that you are into the movie, and describe the person (physical description and what they are doing at the time of movie) Then write a first person account of how they feel about this entire integration of these nine black kids into Little Rock High School. Dig in…be emotional. Stay in character whatever character you choose. And tell it in the first person – “I”.

#2 – Greensburo Sit ins – While King role in the Greensburo sit ins is secondary, he did support the youth movement. And he was involved on the side with the creation of SNCC (Student Non-violent Cooridinating Committee) Reflect on his thoughts on the sit ins and his relationship with SNCC. This will be a very complicated relationship as time goes on and the young people become increasingly more agitated at the way the movement is going.

#3 – The Presidents – His relationship with the three U.S. Presidents during the time period of the Civil Rights Movement was pivotal. Eisenhower (1953 to 1961) Kennedy (1961 to 1963) and Johnson (1963 to 1969). Sometimes they were supportive, sometimes not. The book explores King’s relationship in this section with Kennedy and Eisenhower. Talk about it.

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