President Obama’s Democrat National Convention acceptance speech

September 6, 2012 – the Speech and the Transcript

  • Assigned on Friday September 21.
  • Due at the beginning of class on Monday September 24.
As you watch President Obama’s speech from the Democratic National Convention he hits home on five major points. You need to construct a paragraph (5-8 sentences) answering the specific questions attached to that given issue.
  1. The 2 Paths. What are the two paths he refers to in his speech? Who is the targeted audience for this issue (what class, age group, etc.) and why?
  2. He talks about the theme “Made in America”, what are some examples of job growth during President Obama’s first term? Why do you think he included this in his speech?
  3. What promises has President Obama kept in his four years, and what does he promise for the future?
  4. Explain his approach to Taxes, Healthcare, and Citizenship that you gain from the video.
  5. After watching both Romney and Obama’s speeches what are 3 major differences you notice most between them? Be specific.

The final result of the assignment will be 5 well constructed paragraphs with the three details included in each. To do a thorough job on the assignment go back to the video and re-watch it. 

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