12/21/12 – Close Up News

Go to Close Up page above for information regarding trip, flight, and hotel accommodations.

OK guys, we’ve got a few things going now….

#1 – We have Candy.  Many of you have stopped by to pick it up for sales.  You make 50 cents on every $1.00.  Turn in the proceeds.  I’ll keep getting it if you keep selling it.  Piggy banks will be up and online when we get back from Break.

#2 – Good News – Mr. McVoy came through.  He has promised us $400 for Saturday night’s hotel rooms.  That should get us three rooms…which should be enough.  If it isn’t we will cover the rest together.  We should be good.  Way to go Mr. McVoy:)

#3 – Possible date change.  I’m thinking we might shift our travel date to May 4 to 9.  Mikhaila Mason was going to be in Close Up (she has since dropped) and could not go on that date – so I changed it to April.  I’ve always gone in May.  I love May in D.C.  It would give us two more weeks leeway on the initial deposit and plane fare.  The European embassies are usually open one weekend a year to the public – it is that weekend.  And May is always warm and sunny in our nation’s capitol.  The cost is the same.

#4 – Current List of Travelers…

  • Travis Simmons
  • Julian Cook
  • Brittany Esparza
  • Simone Nielsen (one Dane)
  • Marc Santose
  • Michael Doom
  • Ivy Lewis
  • Mitchell Vanderkolk (maybe if they allow Dutchmen)
  • Almanda Molter (maybe if they allow two Danes)
  • Catie Terpenning (maybe – we are working on it)
  • Mr. Wood

#5 – Any questions keep in touch.  Bob Wood 616-402-8668.  bobwoodmsu@gmail.com.  Have a great holiday:)

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