2013 ECON Final Exam – Terms & Podcast Review

Podcasts and Terms  for 2013 Economics Final Exam.  

Below is a series podcasts and/or terms which pertain to each of the primary portions of the Final Exam for Economics. For Part I – Paying for College I have copied the entire list of podcasts used for that unit of study.  You should be familiar with each term and how it affects college costs.  For Part II – Economics Terminology, I’ve noted a cross section of terms taken from earlier Common Assessments that may show up on the Final Exam. Listen to those that are podcasted, go back in your notes to review those that are not.

I suggest that you review these podcasts and terms thoroughly in order to be better prepared for the Final.

Part I – Paying for College


Chapter One – Scarcity and Factors of Production

Chapter Two – Economic Systems
  • Free Market System
  • Adam Smith – Wealth of Nations 
  • economic self interest
  • invisible hand
  • laissez faire
  • social darwinism

Chapter Three – American Free Enterprise

Chapter Fourteen – Taxes and Government Spending

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