Selma Update 1/17/13

We got our tickets!  United Airlines ($230 per ticket)

  • Flight #5879  (OUT of Chicago O’Hare)
  • Friday March 1 
  • 7:01 AM to 8:46 AM
  • Flight #5857 (BACK from Birmingham International)
  • Monday March 4
  • 5:05 PM to 7:14 PM
This is a great price, good times in and out, out of Chicago – so, we drive to Chicago on Thursday night, we’ll get a hotel at the airport, we’ll drive into town and get a little Thai Food, cram into a couple of rooms for the night – get up early on Friday morning and be in Birmingham by 9:00 AM.
I’ve got Let the Trumpet Sound books for you to read.  It will truly enrich your experience.  And we need to get together for a couple of meetings before we go…so stay tuned for upcoming information.  But…it looks like we are ready to rumble…
  • Hannah
  • Devon
  • Meaghan
  • Caelin
  • Wyatt
  • Eric
  • Sascha
  • Mr. Wood

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