Economics RWE (S) – Globalization / the good, the bad, and the ugly

RWE (Option S) – Globalization / Assignment due Monday Feb 26

Special Note:  Because some people are struggling with the concept of globalization and finding an article within that topic range I am allowing you to instead choose a news article that deals with Brazil, India, or China.  These three states, probably more than any others have transformed more in the past few decades due to globalization.  Their economies and their peoples lives are in flux.  If you’re struggling with globalization topic, go to China, India, or Brazil and get specific about their economies and their lives and how they are affected on a world economic stage.

Economic globalization is a complicated issue that affects consumers and producers all over the globe.  It impacts your family as well as your personal spending habits and future economic worth.  Standards of living, quality of life, micro and macro economics, unemployment and poverty rates in addition to national GDP, in the first and third world, is all impacted by globalization.  We will spend a lot of time in Economics on this pivotal world economic relationship.  That means for this Option S – you certainly will have a lot of stories to choose from.  I do not care if you approach the issue from a micro or macro level.  It doesn’t matter to me if you choose an article that is critical of the effects of globalization’s or if you support it.  Explore the aspect of this issue that is most interesting to you.  Facilitators will be assigned by Thursday for Monday February 26 presentations.  You may volunteer.

Go here to listen to a podcast by Mr. Wood defining the basics of globalization.  It should help you to better understand the issue and consequently choose a quality article for evaluation.

Please go here for specific guidelines and links to credible news sources for all Real World Economics (Option T & S) Assignments. 

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