Come visit with two Pakistani Fulbright Phd Students on Friday

Come and visit with Beenish and Khan.

If you would like to visit Mr. Wood’s class first or second hour on Friday April 12 please go here to download a letter to take your regular first hour teacher.  Anybody is invited to come.  Talk to your teacher ASAP, see if it is alright, download this letter, have your teacher sign it, and bring it to Mr. Wood’s class on Friday.

Khan is 31 years old.  He is a college professor of gender studies in Pakistan.  Although he lives in Pakistan, Khan is Pashtoon and considers himself an Afghan.  He lives in an area that is dominated by the Taliban.  It makes life dangerous for he and his family, since his political views are liberal and supportive of the United States and Kabul government in Afghanistan.  Khan has three small children, one who was born last week who he has never even seen.  He is studying for a Phd in Political Science at Western Michigan University.  Khan will be flying home for a month in August to see his family, after which he will return for two more years to complete his studies at WMU in Kalamazoo.  Upon completion of his degree, Khan will return to Pakistan to teach or possibly to Kabul in Afghanistan  to work with Pashtoons to obtain their independence.  Khan hates the Pakistani military and the Taliban.

Beenish comes from the heart of Punjab in Pakistan which is located in the East bordering on India.  Her father and her grandfather served in the Pakistani military.  She has worked at a number NGO’s – Nongovernmental Organizations – in Pakistan that help marginalized communities affected by natural disasters. She earned an MA in Development Studies from the school Oriental and African Studies in London.    Her efforts have been critical in helping Pakistanis to help themselves out of poverty.   She comes from a big family and she LOVES movies – Indian, Pakistani, and American made.  She also loved my mom – and so did Khan.  Beenish is in her second year of a five year Phd Program at WMU with the goal of earning a Phd in Political Science.  Ultimately she hopes to return to Pakistan and to teach Political Science.

These are two very good people.  And I think you would really enjoying meeting each of them.  So, if you can join us…we’ll just talk for a few hours.  So please stop by and join us!


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