Hotel Rwanda Assignment #2

Rwanda Assignment #2 – Follow up to the follow up.

Like Rwanda Assignment #1, this assignment is worth 50 points.  Your essay needs to be at least 350 words.  It is due posted to Google docs by Saturday May 4 @ 11:59 PM.   Note: that  is two weeks.  Post it to Google Docs as Hotel Rwanda Assignment #2.  Begin your post by copy and pasting my assignment for you off of the first Rwanda posting.

I am in the process of grading your Rwanda Follow Up #1 – which was posted to Google Docs by April 20.  I am going to ask you specific questions from which I want you to do a little more research.  Post this as Rwanda Assignment #2 – Copy and paste my questions at the beginning of the assignment.  And then proceed to answer them according to specific directions.

Any questions make sure to post me or ask me.  You’ll see that you have a two week run on this assignment, because for some of you I’m asking that you email people – it may take time for people to get back with you.  Copy any email posts to me (cc to  Email Q and A does not count as part of your 300 words.  Your reflections on those emails and responses however do count.  Don’t wait too long to get moving .

If you did not do Assignment #1 – you still have to do it in order to have a direction on #2.  The most you can get on assignment #1 at this late date is 20/50 – but it is necessary in order to do #2.  So get moving on that as well.

By the way – for most of you – nice job on round one.

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