Senior Exams – Government, Economics, and Senior Current Issues

OK…guys.  Wipe the drool from your mouth, get your head off the desk,  and please read the following.  Below I have noted exactly what you can expect for exams in all three courses.  Please take a good long look and email me at if you have questions.  Believe it or not, high school graduation will not be the highlight of your life.  As for tomorrow,  I will be sobbing right along with you all.  OMG it is soooooooo sad.

Blow your nose, wipe the tears, and just get out there and change the world!

1 – Senior Current Issues – OK, you know what our Final is.  We did the Circle Study essay exam on the African Digging Deeper Assignments.  Everybody should be good on this.  I will post the scores on Saturday, as they also count as a Common Assessment.  If you must take the Final you must be in my classroom on Tuesday – school rules, not mine.  So I’ll see you then and there.  Stay tuned for final grades on MP #6 by Saturday night.

Thursday June 13.  Check the blog – keep in touch.  And let’s go.

As for Lou’s – we’ve got five 100% scores.  Almanda (the Danish Pirate), Sierra (the fetal postioned GVSU freshman), Sara (teacher / pharmacist / teacher / pharmacist/ social worker / pharmacist / astronaut..) Emily (Dr. Dolittle) and Little Weaver.  We need to set a date.  Dinner’s on me…I will invite Papa.  Anybody that wants to come pays their own way…although for reasons to be named later I will buy Blair’s Tea.  And the OHS School Board is not invited.  Let’s go the week of June 3 thru 7.

2 – Government – What do we have to do….You have two assignments that officially are due for you on Friday.  I am allowing you to turn them in on the day of your exam.  That would be Wednesday.

  • Assignment #1 is the Interpretation of the Declaration of Independence.  I will stay after school on Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday for anybody who would like help.  For those of you who would like to join us, Francis and I will be working diligently on Mr. Jefferson’s prose each day.  MP#6 – 50 point assignment.
  • Assignment #2 – you must recite the Declaration of Independence. MP#6 – 50 point assignment.
  • The two assignments count 50 points to MP #6 and each count 50% of your Exam grade.  Please go to here for links to podcasts that breakdown each portion of the Declaration.  If you only listened to these podcasts you could finish the Working Definition of the Declaration in an hour or two.  Either way the link is there for your use.
  • You may turn in the assignment and do your memorization for me on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

3 – Economics – Two take home assignments.  Women’s Crusade and Africa’s Girl Power.

  • Women’s Crusade – This is a 50 point MP #6 assignment, and also serves as 50% of your Final Exam.  You may choose to turn the paper in on Friday, or you can come in on Tuesday or Wednesday, whichever day you take the exam and hand it in there.
  • Africa’s Girl Power  – Go here for specific guidelines and links.  50% of the Final Exam.
  • You may turn in the assignments on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

That’s the Agenda – If you gotta question drop me an email or call at 616-402-8668.  And stay tuned to the blog for further updates.  




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