Five Broad Economic Goals – A Worksheet

This assignment is due on Monday, October 14.  This assignment is worth 30 points.

Use the large chart that I handed out in class…it is a magnified version of the one found here.

Please re-read pages 25 thru 27 in our Economics text  and inform yourself as to the definitions of the five basic goals of any economic system – do this in your own words.   Also, interpret the definitions in regard to how well each of the economic systems handles each of the five particular goals.  Grade the system on efficiency, equity, freedom, growth, and security with a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) and then explain in your own words (in the appropriate box) why you gave it the grade that you did.

  1. Efficiency
  2. Equity
  3. Freedom
  4. Growth and Innovation
  5. Security and Predictability

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