Thirty Point Assignment – due Wednesday November 6 11:59 PM.

Guys…don’t be afraid of constructive criticism.  To get it or to give it.

In reading your evaluations – I am continually struck by the fact that you see imperfections in one anothers’ blogs but you are hesitant to announce that to the individual who created that blog.   Don’t be!  One – you need to be comfortable in presenting critiques – “in your own right.”  Part of communication in the workplace and in life is being honest.  So, be honest.   Two – your friends need your advice.  Come on…if these blogs are going to improve then people need to hear what you have to say.  So say it.  If you see something that needs work then say it needs work.

Finally, you can be creatively constructive.  What I mean by that – couch your criticism in constructive conversation.  Don’t be afraid to speak your mind…but don’t YELL – YOUR BLOG SUCKS!

Because of this… another Google Docs collaboration assignment.  This one is thirty points.  This one is due by Wednesday November 6 at 11:59 PM.  Provide three solid criticisms to your fellow students’ blogs – THREE – each is worth ten points.  Send me the copy of the post – be nice, be constructive, be explicit, but be honest.   And provide the reasons that you think that this improvement will upgrade the said blog…and lets see some depth; even if that means suggesting that the blog creator take a look at another person’s work.  Also, make sure to not merely repeat those criticisms that you noted on your previous evaluation.  Who knows: they may be fixed by now.

And then go post it online at the appropriate blog.

If your suggested do not get posted to the blog that they are directed to, you don’t get any credit for the google docs post.   And finally, do not take the suggestions personally – we are all working towards the same goal here.

So, get moving…


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