Don’t be afraid to say what you SEE

Hey guys…

These blogs of yours look GREAT!  The quality of sights coming out of this assignment is very very good.  I’m impressed.  That being said – if you keep pushing it will improve –Unknown-2 your blog and others as well.  To do so, we need to take the evaluation assignment to the next level

1 – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Use the stuff that you see as positive off of other students’ blogs, on your own. Copy it!  That’s what blogs are about.  A number of you have noticed Michael’s Bucket List.  Cool. Get your own bucket list.  That’s what blogs are all about.  Foreign guys – check the way that each of you are laying out your country – if you see an effective format, copy it.  That’s the way these things get better.

2 – Don’t be afraid to be critical of your fellow students.  You’ve made great insights to me into other people’s blogs – positive and negative.  I have a feeling that you will not post the negatives on other people’s blogs – then how do they improve their position?  You don’t have to say HEY YOUR BLOG SUCKS!  but you can say – I think if you did this it might be improved or if you did that I think it would help.  And positives are always welcomed – so mix things up.

That’s the way we all get better together!  And make sure that spelling does not become a problem whether you are German, French, Ghanan, or American.  So far so good.  I did not expect to see so many quality blogs so early in the game…your efforts here are well noted.

Have a nice weekend.


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