Mandela Timeline

This assignment is due upon return from Christmas Break – Monday, January 6.  This assignment is worth 100 points.  You must turn in both your working copy and final copy of your final timeline.  

Please go here for a PDF copy of our Nelson Mandela Timeline.  Go here for Word doc copy of the timeline.

In doing the assignment outlined below, you can choose a number of routes…

  • Download the Word doc  of TL and actually type text onto it.
  • Print out your own PDF  of the TL, write date & line.  Tape summaries.
  • or  use the hard copy of the TL, I’ve provided you to do the same above.
  • For purposes of legibility I want the final copy summaries typed.
  • Also – turn in both your working & final version.

Requirements for the Final Timeline. – The purpose of this part of the assignment is to keep a working copy of the challenges of South Africa and the struggles faced by Nelson Mandela, in front of you throughout our audio-visual study.  While we watch and listen and learn, add to your timeline.  At the end of the day you’ll need a three sentence description of each (person / place / thing / date).  See my examples on linked TL.  That description doesn’t need to be fully written as we work through the movies.  However, the individual or date should be noted.

In regard to movie notes, only record those that will be of benefit on the Timeline.  That way you can watch and listen, and ask questions without being obsessed with note taking.  Our exam on Mandela will focus more on the timeline than on the movies anyhow – and it will be an essay exam – so worry only about specifics when it comes to your three sentence summaries.

Finally – you need 25 entries on your Timeline.  It’s going to get crowded. That’s OK.  And that’s why we are typing and turning in a final re-worked copy.  Make sure that you draw lines to connect your (person / place / thing / date) to the timeline so that your link to the line stays chronological.  I will let you know the specific TL topics that are required.  Those will be noted during our movie discussions.  Otherwise the focus of the twenty five entries are what you deem significant.  So have it handy and ask away as we move through our study of Nelson Mandela.



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