Edward Snowden is on the move

Two huge developments in the Edward Snowden saga that you might like to check out.  

Go here.  A federal district judge ruled on Monday that the National Security Agency program that is systematically keeping records of all Americans’ phone calls most likely violates the Constitution, describing its technology as “almost Orwellian” and suggesting that James Madison would be “aghast” to learn that the government was encroaching on liberty in such a way.

Go here.  National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden wrote in “an open letter to the Brazilian people” that he would be willing to help Brazil’s government investigate U.S. spying on its soil, but that he could do so only if granted political asylum.  “I’ve expressed my willingness to assist where it’s appropriate and legal, but, unfortunately, the U.S. government has been working hard to limit my ability to do so.  Until a country grants me permanent political asylum, the U.S. government will continue to interfere with my ability to speak out,” the letter added.

Go here.  Spend a little time in D.C. and it isn’t long before you discover that even the busses are political.


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