ACT Groups and Mission Statements

Our first ACT assignment in Government class is for students to align themselves with friends who have a common goal.  Once you’ve done this you have a couple of tasks.   #1, your  group must come up with a name.   That name should encompass what your group is all about.  You also need an acronym which is the initials that spell out your group name.  Then we need a mission statement.  The mission should answer the question, “Why you exist – or what is your organization’s core focus?

  • Your mission statement should be:
  • Short
  • Memorable
  • Inspiring
  • Market focused – who do you serve?
  • What you want to be remember for…

Finally it should pass the T-shirt test.  Would it fit on a T-shirt?  Would you wear that T-shirt?  Finally, would your staff wear it?


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