Blendspace and Audioboo

Blendspace and Audio boo are great ways to organize yourself and your message and communicate with those in common thought.  Let’s take a look at each, and how they can best serve your cause.

Go here for link to Blendspace.  Set up your own account, and play around with the site.  It’s really user friendly and simple to work around.  Take a look at couple of Mr. Wood’s creations…it’ll give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t work.

  • Searching for Sugarman – go here
  • Pussy Riot – go here
  • American Civil Rights Movement – go here

Think about your issue and what would work well to inform your comrades.  What I want you to do, is to create a Blendspace of your own – actually I want your ACT group (in SCI African nation) to create a Blendspace.  The goal should be to inform and inspire fellow students to your cause.  That will take a lot searching for effective sights – editing – and organizing.  As you move through the research of your issue, bank sights and ideas that you think will create an effective Blendspace.  Eventually, when we set a due date and finalize requirements you can complete the process.  That doesn’t mean its done.  I go back all of the time to my creations and add or subtract.

Next lets go here to access Audio boo.  Audio boo is effective because its simple – you can create a three minute podcast that tells your story, and then you can embed that podcast into a Blendspace.  Between the two you will be able to educate your peers to the issues that you value, that with work, may change the planet.  If we are talking of SCI then its an overview of your African state.  Play around with Audio boo and see what you think.  After you have organized a Blendspace, create an audio boo podcast, and embed it into your first frame of Blendspace.  By doing this, you’ll be able to walk people through your creation on Blendspace and more effectively rally people to your cause.

  • Check out this Blendspace on College Costs.  Go to the first text box – open it.  I have embedded an Audio-boo podcast directly into the Blendspace.  Click it and listen.  This is what I want you to try with your A.C.T! issue.

Good luck familiarizing yourself with each site.  Let’s see what we can do!   Communicate with me on how you are coming along. We will determine due dates as we move through the work.


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