Blendspace Examples for FAME

Below are listed various Blendspace example.  I’ll provide the link and post a bit about the reason for, and guidelines surrounding each one.  Please contact me if you have any questions concerning Blendspace.  I think it is probably the best website I’ve come across for organization of units.  Its best feature by far, its just soooooo simple to use.

1 – Single Issue BlendspaceThird World Poverty -Women, Education, and Microcredit

This is probably one of the best uses for blendspace program.  You have a multi-faceted issue that you want to expose students to.  This topic includes you-tube videos, audio podcasts, websites and news.  Lay it out with an introduction, drop in the links and news stores and videos.  You may drop in any assignments as well in pdf form, that might better move you through the blendspace production.  The link above is for an Economics Unit on Third world Micro financing and the education of women.

2 – Student Blendspace creation Police Brutality in the USA

In this blendspace, I have provided student guidelines for their own blendspace assignment.  This is easily done by going to the Text box and typing up directions for each of the blendspace boxes.  Students will follow guidelines and create their own product, which can be turned in to me – by sending the link only.  This assignment was inspired by the events of Ferguson and NYC.  Student choose an incident (their choice) which involves the police in what they interpret as an unjust action with an private citizen.  While they need to follow guidelines of how the project is created – the content is theres.

3 – Combining Camtasia and Blendspace – Close Up Washington

An interesting way to present blendspace is by creating a Camtasia video that walks the viewer through the Blendspace.  This takes a little more work; in order to create the video – but the blendspace production is itself the same as the other two above…and really simple to create.  We travel to Washington DC each for Close Up.  My video is an effort to pull viewers into the Blendspace production.   Please go here for the walk through video..


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