Time to Wake some folks up…

OK guys…time to spread the word  You’ve done a great job putting this blendspace together.  Your research and podcasts and essays have certainly inspired me.  Now let’s complete the job.

Change is difficult it doesn’t come easy.  Martin Luther King once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long…but it bends towards justice.”  It is up to us, to the bending.

We need to send our link out there into the world.  There’s all sort of individuals who we could contact.  New outlets are always significant.  People like Keith Vidal’s mother or Michael Bell Sr. or Milton Hall’s grandma; folks who you’ve touched base with, or who you think may listen to you, those who care about this issue – try them.  Congressional representatives at the State and Federal level need to be made aware of this issue!  There’s organizations all over the country, ACLU and others trying to fight this battle – talk to them.  Let them know that young people are awake.  Pussy Riot. Common and John Legend.  Your parents back in Europe.  Educators at the university or high school level.  NPR, PRI the World, WZZM….I don’t know – whoever you think could spread the word or formulate useful public policy to fight the battles.  That’s what we need to do.  That’s what this assignment is all about.

Each person is assigned to send this link along with a poignant e-mail to two people.  Run the email by me before you send it…I will give you feedback and when it goes a grade.  We can keep track of destinations on Google Classroom, here on this blog, and on the front board.  You know how to write a letter – make it personal – make it significant – give the reader a reason to access that link.  Who knows what’s possible.

So – two mailings – thirty points per.  And we move on.  Well done guys…well done.

List of email recipients:

  • Petra – a dozen places in Finland
  • Channel One – Melinda Whipple
  • Fox 17 News – Melinda Whipple
  • Beate Kruschinski (Laura’s Aunt) – Laura Dinse
  • Der Spiegel (Barbara Hans) – Jasper Martens
  • Der Spiegel (Florian Harms) – Jasper Martens
  • Mayor DeBlasio NYC – (Jasper Martens
  • Pussy Riot – Jasper Martens
  • Nate Reems (MI-Live) – Ivy Lewis
  • Dale Nesbary (MCC prez) – Ivy Lewis
  • Cache Heidel (Jonathan Ferrell’s fiance) – Anna & Jackie
  • ABC News – Anna & Jackie
  • CNN News – Anna & Jackie
  • Georgia Faerrell – Anna & Jackie
  • Michael Bell Sr. – Shelbie Denio
  • Diane Kent – Shelbie Denio
  • Stephen Kloostermen – (MI-Live) Kendall Vogel
  • Kriste Kibbey Etue (Director Mich State Police) – Jordan & Brock
  • Eric Garner Jr. – Jordan & Brock
  • Juan Gonzlez (Democracy Now) – Jordan & Brock
  • NPAP (National Police Accountability Project ) Jordan & Brock
  • Hilton Clinton – Tyler Schaub
  • Toronto Star – Tyler Schaub
  • Matt Ferner (Huffington Post) – Sara Schembera
  • Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) – Sara Schembera
  • Laris Haider (Hamburger Abendblatt) – Sarah Drevs
  • Sarah Stillman (New Yorker) – Sarah Drevs
  • Erica Demarest (DNA info in Chicago) – Paula
  • Kim Bellware (Huffington Post) – Paula
  • Mr Jars Teacher (Flensburg, Germany) – Helena Kaim
  • Levar Jones – Marie
  • ArnetteDorsey (Attorney with Levar Jones) – Marie
  • Todd Rutherford (Attorney with Levar Jones) – Marie
  • William Terrill (MSU Criminal Justice) – Shannon
  • Senator Gary Peters – Kelton

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