RWE Option S – Going Green

  • Active Reading (20 points per partner) – RWE 80 points
  • Assignment due Posted to Google Classroom by 11:59 PM Tuesday 3/10.
  • Active Reading assignments due turned in on Wednesday 3/11.

This is our first Option S – you choose the article assignment.  Remember the key here is for you to find a great  story…that will make your work interesting.wind-turbines17The topic is “Going Green”.  So intersect economics and the environment.  Choose an article from a reputable source that allows you to dig in to

some aspect of this  relationship.  And there is all sorts of interesting stuff out there to choose from.  You can go global, or stick close to home.  Look at energy – wind, solar, oil, coal, natural gas.  So many consumer products are now being manufactured with a green edge.  And our service economy, in an effort to create a wider customer base is making huge advancements in dealing with the environment.  You can talk about environmental degradation – on land or sea.  And I haven’t even talked about global warming.  So, find an article that suits your needs.

Make sure that each student has their own active reading assignment completed on time, and that your Q/A at the end of the assignment has an economics theme.  Take what you’ve learned and ask a question that requires some economic position or thought.

  • Go here for RWE guidelines and for links to reputable news sources.

Assignments are due posted to Google Classroom by Tuesday 11:59 PM.  Actively read articles must be turned into Mr. Wood during class on Wednesday.  You will have Thursday, Monday, and Tuesday in the computer lab.


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