SCI Travel the World #2 – Working Itinerary (hostels, hotels, and couches)

Let’s Dig in Deeper… continue on your route by completing requirements bulleted below.  And lets add the Hotel segment to the Assignment.

  1. Large Square Itinerary Transfer – rewrite on the large grid / I’ll have them for you on Monday.TravelGuides
  2. LSI – city/country – noted on dates – at the top of ALL squares.  This can change – but it needs to be on there for now.
  3. LSI – Post one to five “Things to Do” on a minimum 10 more (20 total) calendar days.  In the end the whole grid must be filled, so move forward at your own pace.
  4. “Things to Do – Focus” – minimum 5 more (10 total) calendar days.  This is posted as a separate google classroom assignment .  Make sure to write up five consecutive days.  One to two paragraphs explaining each of the one to five items.  In the end you have to fill out the entire grid so please move ahead at your own pace.
  5. Hotels / Hostels / Couches – Start printing out your sleeping arrangements.  You’ll need to print the ten stops that you’ve focused on for the twenty places that you’ve listed out on your 1 – 5 “Things to Do.”   As in #3 and #4 above you’ll eventually need to move through the entire grid with sleeping arrangements, so just get moving on them for the entire trip.

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