College Talk #1 – To Go or Not

For all things college – go to our website – building a better  Please check Google Classroom Economics Assignments for informative podcasts and extra credit opportunities.   Go here to find Google Classroom Reflection Blendspace features.


The goal for this four part Economics Series on College Talk – is to awaken you to the academic and economic challenges that follow high school graduation.  All of you, if you want to achieve your dreams, are going to need to build human capital.  Whether you do so at a four year university, a community college, or through an Apprenticeship or Trade School, as a result we need to look hard at these formidable challenges that await.

Our process in working through these assignments will be the same through the four portions of our study.  Assignment #1 as linked above will take three class days.  Grab a partner if you wish, team up, talk, read, work collaboratively.  You must however turn in your own assignment.  All posts go to Google Classroom.  For the first two days of the assignment you will be allowed the full class time to work.  Prio to and afterwards, Mr. Wood will interject GCR (Google Classroom Reflections) to supplement the central assignment and spur class discussion.  These GCR’s will count twenty points and may or may not spur class discussion. On those days that we participate in a GCR, the remainder of the period will be used to finish up College Talk.

The clock is ticking.  Significant decisions are just around the corner.   Seniors you are already running on borrowed time.  Juniors, if you are going to be successful after high school you need to be laying groundwork for a solid senior year.  All of you need to be planning for a not so distant future.  The most significant thing for each and everyone, is the same as it was in September.

…you’ve go to be awake!  So, let’s get moving.






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