Hotel Rwanda / What did we learn?

Hotel Rwanda – The Movie. 


This is an extra credit assignment for SCI c/0 2015.  If you choose to do this assignment you may replace your low grade for the marking period.  You may not use this to cover the Fishline Timeline, or the Map Test.  All others are fair game.  I will grade it and replace the directed grade.  Please send Mr. Wood a Google Document for the assignment if you choose to do it.  Assignment is due posted to Google Docs for credit by 11:59 PM on Sunday May 10. 

For 100 days in 1994 a genocidal mass murder of between 500,000 and a million human  beings, 20% of the country’s total population, took place in Rwanda.  A majority of those people, nearly all Tutsi’s, were executed by hand, by machete, in one of the most brutal massacres of modern history.  While the perpetrators of the violence were primarily Hutu para military groups, Rwandan citizens also  took part in the violence .  Meanwhile the West stood mute.  European and U.S. politicians debated the definition of genocide as FM radio stations in Rwanda blasted guidelines for the killings.  The United Nations was useless in defending local Rwandans, serving only to stand and watch and occasionally usher white Westerners from the carnage.  The events of the 1994 Rwandan genocide was one of the darkest events in modern world history.

So, what exactly do we do we take away from it all.   Depends on what we learned.  I want you to reflect about it all; about the killings and the perpetrators, the victims and the bystanders.  Do some research; learn a little more.  Think about it..  I want you to find a follow-up article.  It can be directly related to the Rwandan massacre or maybe not.  It could’ve been written in 1994 or 2013; even 1965 – doesn’t matter it’s  your call.  You may want to bring issues of your own chosen African nation into this assignment…or other events in modern or ancient history.  The choice of  article is entirely up to you; the quality of that decision and your ability to link it to the genocidal events of 1994 will help to determine your grade.

For the assignment do the following.  Copy the title, byline, and news source at the beginning of the post.   Provide the link to the article.  Then I want you to make three solid reflections linking the substance of your chosen article with the events or issues brought forth in the movie.  Provide a general title to each post and follow it up with a specific reflection.  Change pace and do this two more times.   Reflections should run a minimum of 200 words each.   Each reflection is worth 20 points.  Assignment total of 60 points.  Assignment is due sent to Mr. Wood on google docs by May 12 11:59 PM or turned in at the beginning of class on May 12.

This assignment is worth 60 points.  You’ll be graded on the depth and quality of your comments and how well you link your thoughts / questions / insights to the actual events of 1994.  

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