Reflections from Standing Rock

We varied from our original plan in regards to the protests at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota. That’s OK; I’ve learned a lot.  I trust that you have as well.  I appreciate your input and the sincerity of your respect for Shailene Woodley. She is awake and involved and brave.  I will keep her on my radar.  Thank you.

This issue of Standing Rock goes so many places – and leans on so many issues, from global warming, to the soverign rights of native Americans, “… and justice for all.”  And of course the Trump presidency.  At the end of the day we all have to decide where in life we take our stand (s).  Shailene certainly knows where.  How bout you?

Today i want us to read.   Thru SSR I have linked three stories.  Two are from the UK Guardian.  The article “It’s Not Over” written in Slate,  provides several poignent photos.  I’ve also linked a sight from Standing Rock that features six excellent short movies. Please watch them.

For your assignment I want you to reflect on the issues that surround Standing Rock.  I am going to provide you a single essay prompt where you can discuss your position and reflect on the issue within the parameters of defining the issues. I want us as a class to mold the focus of that reflection.  At 8:45 I want your input.  How do we mold this assignment?  What are the parameters of the reflection? How long?  What is the due date?  Where do we go from here?   I’ll post your assighment by 10:00 AM.

Assignment – Reflections on Standing Rock Assignment / 100 points / 600 words

Choose one of our multimedia options (podcast, video, or news article)  that we watched, read, listened to, or linked as a focus for your assignment.  Title and link it at the beginning of your reflection.  You may choose to cover two sources in the single reflection – if that is the case, cite each at the beginning of your essay. 

If you find a source that you want to center your essay on (or use as a secondary source), different from those we looked at in class, that is fine.  Just follow guidelines here. 

 For your reflection please do the following:

  1. Re-watch, re-read, or re-listen to your news source.
  2. Title and link the piece. 
  3. Briefly summarize the focus of the media piece.  What was the situation?  How does it fit with the topic?
  4. Pull a quote from the text or the subject and put it in quotation marks. Identify who said it.
  5. Use that quote as thesis for your reflection.  If you use two sources, use two quotes.
  6. You may talk about why the person said it, why it focuses your thought, or use it as a springboard to take on the entire event.  Your call…go where you are most passionate.
  7. Somewhere in this piece tell me if you are pessimistic or optimistic about the situation at Standing Rock – and why.
  8. Edit.  Edit.  Edit. 

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