American Civil Rights – A Glance back at the Movement

Assignment is worth 100 points (50 on the bullets and 50 on the journal) due posted to Schoology.  71296-004-0B8CB497You may work with a partner – see directions below.  In order to spread our studies across the spectrum – we will have no more than two groups working on a particular topic.  Email me your choice of topic along with partner’s names if you are working as a group – first come first serve…

The Civil Rights Movement will serve as the core to our study of Government.  The Fourteenth Amendment lies at the center of that movement.  We will look hard at each and the relationship between the two.

First however, lets take a look back at events from the movement.  The Blendspace that I’ve created will serve as our outline to that  Civil Rights movement.  We will work our way through these dates/events alongside your timeline.  First though, take a quick refresher back to American History, to events off of that Blendspace.

  • Billie Holiday
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Desegregation of the Army
  • Emmett Till murder
  • Montgomery Bus boycott – 
  • Little Rock Nine
  • Sit Ins
  • Freedom Rides –
  • Birmingham
  • March on Washington – “I Have a Dream”
  • 16th Street Baptist Church bombing – 
  • Selma
  • Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. –

Your assignment will be to choose one of the above events.  Watch whatever I have linked on the that coincides with your chosen event, then survey, read, surf, and refresh your brain to the specific issue.  Take enough notes that when we cross paths with your chosen event, that you can come up to the front of the class and remind us of why this is so important.

Post the following into your Schoology assignment

  • INFORM YOURSELF – Read, listen, and watch to learn more about your topic of study
  • Identify your chosen Civil Rights topic… and watch my link.
  • Then search the Internet in regard to this topic  in more detail.
  • Link three good sources minimum –  in addition to the one I’ve provided in your post.
  • PART I – Bullet form of the event / the lead up to it, the event itself, and results of the event.  Post at least 12 to 15  significant factors that were involved in the event of your choice.  It could be things that came as a result of your event, or happened during your event…make sure that each of the bullets is a couple sentences long and makes sense on its own.  This portion of the assignment (bullets and summary) counts 33%..  
  • Please go here for an example of appropriate bullets for this portion of the assignment.
  • PART II – A “Day in the life”  journal...  400 word target.  Assume a fictitious role (participant)  Set the stage by providing a setting – a paragraph – where you are, who you are, etc…provide an accurate date.  Write a diary of your experience for that day – that would realistically fit in with what you have bulleted above.  You do not have to choose a famous person to journal.  A bystander provides a great viewpoint.  Do not do the journal in real time – IE… Two years ago a student did the King assassination.  He felt the bullet hit, and the blood seep out onto his clothes, and his eyes closed in death.”  This is not what I’m talking about people.  You may choose to speak in common dialect – however make sure to edit for spelling.    This portion of the assignment counts 66%.  If you one person doing a narrative journal – that one journal will count the entire 66%.  Two people – 33% for each narrative. 
  • Please go here for a look at a couple of very good first person journals from years past…

You may choose to do this assignment with a partner.  Part I you can work together on.  For Part II the journal you must each do a single reflection.  Do them from varying perspectives – do not do the same individual.  Post them together.  Your grade will be the same if you choose to work together.  You will have three days on chrome books to work – the rest is up to you.  Be prepared for discussion on your chosen topics.   I will post your journals for others to read – so do a good job!

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