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Chicago Trip is still ON!

OK it’s 7:00 AM Saturday and I’m looking at the weather report for Saturday – Chicago looks great on Saturday. High 28 low 9. Great weather to roam around at Christmas time. There is a storm coming to Michigan later this weekend. It still says pretty good for Saturday night early…so we will take the 6:00 PM train back from Chicago. That will put us in Michigan City at 7:40 CST or 8:40 EST. We should be back in Grand Haven by 10:00 PM ahead of the weather. Driving down on Saturday will be clear.

So as of 7:00 AM Saturday we are STILL ON FOR SATURDAY!

Call me at 616-402-8668 if you have questions or you want to go. So far, the following students are going. We will see you at Russ in Grand Haven at 8:00 AM on Saturday.

  • Rhea Taylor
  • Sam Smith
  • Sam Ferrier
  • Angelina Mosher
  • Lexi Ickies
  • Becca Hall
  • Britt Weiss
  • Brittany Vanderlaan
  • Laura from Finland

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Let’s go to Chicago

Parents must contact Mr. Wood in order for students to go to Chicago. As of Dec 18 the following students are cleared:

  • Rhea Taylor
  • Sam Smith
  • Sam Ferrier
  • Angelina Mosher
  • Lexi Ickies
  • Becca Hall
  • Britt Weiss


  • Saturday December 20.
  • Leave Russ in GH – 8:00 AM via car pool.
  • Train – Michigan City to Downtown Chi-town. (9:20 AM CST).
  • Cost – $15 round trip. Don’t give $$$ to me. Just bring it to the train.
  • Pal around Chicago with friends and assorted terrorists.
  • Train – Chi-town to Michigan City. (8:00 PM CST).
  • back home tucked in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in your head – 1:00 AM.

You can bring friends or folks or brothers or sisters, but I have to talk to the individual and that person’s parent. Have them call me (616) 402-8668.

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Senior Current Issues Honor Roll – MP#2

Congratulations to the following individuals for earning an “A” for Senior Current Issues in Marking Period #2. 

  • 102% – Jamie Midkiff (6)
  • 98% – Corey Swanson (59)
  • 93% – Angelina Mosher (10)
  • 93% – Brittany Weiss (6)
  • 90% – Sophelia Alviar (7)
  • 90% – Chad Barnaby (2)
  • 90% – Tyler Darnell (3)
  • 90% – Sam Ferrier (11)
  • 90% – Lexi Ickies (5)
  • 90% – Kyle Pascavis (2)

The number in parenthesis is the % pts from volunteering still available for extra credit in MPs 3 thru 6.

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Seniors Test Essays on the Election Issues

The Future of our Nation is in Good Hands

I thought you all might like to see some of the 08 Election Essay answers from Oakridge Seniors. Their answers indicate a very informed electorate. We should all be pleased that these young people will become the future guardians of those civil liberties embodied within the pages of the Constitution.

First, a little about the question. In a nutshell – students were to choose either John McCain or Barack Obama as their president. The choice was irrelevant in grading. It was the supports that mattered. For the supports, students were to choose four and write an essay explaining each. The only requirement of the support essays was that each had to stay consistent to the candidate they selected. (IE…if a student chose Senator McCain for president each of the four essays had to support their preference for Senator McCain.)

Research for these essay answers was based on “The Model UN” study. All of the research on the issues was independent student driven study. Students had three weeks of group and independent study focusing on the following campaign issues: Health Care, The Economy, Foreign Policy, Iraq War, Energy, Economy, Immigration, Homeland Security, Education, Abortion, and Gay Rights. Students divided themselves into six groups. Their independent study was in preparation for a pre-election week of Issue Debates. The debates (Oct 27 to Oct 31) featured six issue captains in front of the class – each student provided a 2:00 minute opening statement of the issue selected for that day. Students were to define the issue and assess in brief each candidates’ position concerning that issue. The remainder of the class period was filled Q & A on the featured issue.

We did however run into one problem. On day one we covered Health Care and Economy. We realized that a half hour was not enough time for such significant issues, so the rest of the week we took on one issue per day. Tuesday – Iraq. Wednesday – Energy. Thursday – Environment. Friday – Education.

Which brings us to this Election 08 Exam on the Issues. Students chose the candidate who they wished to define. Students chose their four supporting issues. Students had 1:20 to complete the test. Students had no idea of the testing format – only that they would have an exam on the issues. No notes were allowed. The following are PDF essay selections from that exam. Please take a look, I think you’ll feel good about the OHS Class of 09 and more confident in the future of our nation.

The Test – Guidelines for the Exam.

Please read Oakridge Seniors’ Essays on the Issues of the Election of 2008 – These are all in PDF form…merely click the appropriate name.

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A Final Look at the Election and the Electorate

  • This Extra Credit Assignment is worth up to twenty points.
  • This Extra Credit Assignment must be posted by 7:00 PM on Saturday November 15.

The New York Times has provided a fascinating look at the final polling numbers of the voters on November 4. Click here to take a good long look at this report. There are soooooo many comparisons.

In order to earn extra credit here you must do the following:

  1. Take a long look at all the numbers as they landed on 2008.
  2. Take a long look at the changes for those numbers from 1976.
  3. Choose five specific graphs (the ones you see as most significant)
  4. Identify the graph by topic (ie. Age, Race, Family Status)
  5. Identify the graph by percentage breakdown (totals for each)
  6. Then take your one graph and do a thorough evaluation of the numbers, the history of this segment of the electorate, and why you think the numbers posted as they did.
  7. Repeat this four more times – five separate segment evaluations.

It might be best if you looked at this post with a friend. That way you could compare thoughts and come to mutual conclusions. Make sure however, that your post is yours and in your own words. Good luck on this one…I think you’ll find it rather interesting.

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