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Happy Holidays in Chicago


Hey guys…its the holiday season, which means its time for Senior Current Issues (and all the foreign kids) to make the Christmas trek to Chicago.  Every year we do this…and every year we have a great time!  We meet at OHS Parking Lot  (7:00 AM) We carpool (no student drivers) to Michigan City, Indiana.    And then we take the Southshore line train into the Windy City ($9.00 one way).  It drops us smak dab in the middle of town – directly under Millennium Park. We head up the stairs and scatter.  Go where you want.  Have a great time.  Meet back at the train – the return trip will depend on weather and plans.  We will confirm return time prior to going – so parents will know times before we leave.

You must have a permission slip signed and turned into Mr. Wood if you are intending to go on this trip.  I have attached permission slips they must be turned in my Friday December 15.  So far we have two maybe three drivers – that is eleven to seventeen seats.  So we need drivers; you know anybody who wants to go, who wants to drive, we’d love to have them come along.  Please let me know.  First group to fill the spots is Senior Current Issues students.  Second group, non SCI foreign exchange students.  Third group is friends of each.   I will fill seats in first come / first serve order within those specifics.  Get your permission slip in early – I will post on the board in room #112.

  • OUR ITINERARY – Please Share with Parents
  • We leave OHS parking lot  at 7:00 AM EST.  
  • Take the  9:37 AM CST train from Michigan City.  (10:37 EST)
  • Arrive downtown 11:10 AM CST
  • Return trip 6:22 PM CST (Michigan City – 8:12 PM CST) 
  • Back to Muskegon by midnight.
  • Mr Wood’s tele – (616) 402-8668
  • Mr Wood’s email – bobwoodmsu@gmail.com

We have drivers – 17 available seats (maybe) – We could use more Drivers

  • Mr Wood – School Van – 7 seats
  • Mr. Lohman – 4 seats
  • Maybe Mr. Tindall – 6 seats

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Sunday – Chicago Christmas Trip is Officially Postponed…

I’m so sorry...Me and Mr. Lohman waited and waited and waited for this weather system to move on.  It’s not going to happen.  There is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect on the drive to Michigan City until noon on Sunday.  That’s the middle of our drive to Michigan City…with the new rules and all, we have to be really careful that we follow the weather report if ever want to go again.

Mr. Lohman suggested that we go on Saturday after finals (Saturday January 25)…sounds good to me.  Let’s pencil it in.  Maybe more folks will be able to go.  Maybe we won’t have to mess with all this ice.  Please e-mail me if you got this message (bobwoodmsu@gmail.com).  And spread the word – we’ll go I promise – just not tomorrow.

So, have a great holiday all.  See you next year.  Salamou Alaykoum.


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