Have a Great Thanksgiving…

Hey guys…enjoy a mindful Thanksgiving.

It’s been a complicated Fall.  I want to thank my students for your commitment to scholarship, for striving to think outside of the box, and for questions and commentary that inspire me to strive to be a better teacher.  I so appreciate the many of you who supported me when my mom passed in September; it mattered for me to be in your thoughts.  Make sure on Thursday that you are mindful of those around you.  Time is precious.  We are all here for a limited stay.  So squeeze every minute out of every relationship.  Every day.  Breathe.  Be mindful.  Stay awake.

Many of you were wide-awake during the November election.  You poured time and sweat into a process that often seems broken. Your contributions prove that it isn’t. And we trudge on.  To the foreign exchange students from Denmark and Deutschland and Brazil and beyond, your energy and optimism through out our schoolyard is inspirational. Sharing your lives with us enriches our lives, like you will never know.  And I am continually impressed at how inviting Oakridge students and families are to all of these kids.  The dynamic of our school and community spirals upward because of this mutual admiration between the continents.  To band members and band parents stay vigilant.  This country can only be great if public interest forces public policy to bend to the will of the people.  The legacy and future of Oakridge band is worth the battle.  And you will win.  As Dr King stated, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but bends towards to justice.”  You just need to keep up the pressure.

And to my colleagues who continue to prove to me day after day, through dedication, compassion, and humor that regardless of political obstruction, our role in society is of the essence.  You do great work.  Thank you for being there for me with mom.  Your efforts, our efforts, truly make the world a better place.

To you all be grateful for family and friends.  Enjoy the time together.

Asalamou Alaykoum.

Peace be upon you.

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